September 14, 2021

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Marriage Registration Can Be Done Virtually In India ThroughVideo Conferencing Now

“In the instant case, the petitioner is the father of one Mohan Sebastian, who married Sonia Raju. The couple moved to Israel, and due to the Covid pandemic, they were unable to return and register their marriage”

A son is born to the couple, and to get the child’s birth certificate, the couple needs to produce their marriage certificate to the Israeli authorities.

The couple applied to the Registrar of Births and Deaths at Changanassery Municipality to get their marriage registered, but their application was rejected due to their appearance in Court. Aggrieved, the petitioner moved to the High Court.

The petitioner’s counsel submitted that due to the pandemic, the couple could not come back to India, but they are ready to appear through virtual conferencing mode.

He further stated that if the marriage is not registered, it will pose problems to the newborn child.

Reliance was placed on Matthew TK vs Secretary and Registrar of Marriage, wherein the Court held that the local Registrar could obtain appearances of parties through video conferencing for marriage registrations.

After considering all the case facts, the Court ruled that the petitioner’s son can get the marriage certificate through virtual mode.

The Bench disposed of the petition and directed the petitioner to present the copy of the instant order to the Municipal Commissioner for prompt compliance with the judgment.

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