May 26, 2022

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Governor puts tainted officers on tight leash

Governor N.N. Vohra Friday reviewed the issues relating to Vigilance matters in a meeting at the Civil Secretariat here today and passed some significant directions to expedite the cases of corruption related cases.
Chief Secretary B. R. Sharma, Principal Secretary to Governor P. K. Tripathi and Commissioner, General Administration Department, Gazzanfar Hussain attended the meeting.
The Governor directed that decision in all cases pending for sanction of prosecution in various departments should be expedited and a report submitted to him on 23rd February morning positively.
The Governor also directed that all cases due for compulsory review under Article 226 in various departments be placed before the designated committees by 15th March. Vohra reiterated his earlier directions regarding completion of the Annual Performance Reports of all employees and a report furnished to him by 29th February, in regard to each department.
He directed Secretary GAD to ensure that the departmental websites are urgently updated and relevant information required under the RTI Act is regularly updated, besides a status report in regard to submission of Immovable Property Returns for the year ending 31st December 2015 be sent to him by 29th February 2016 and action initiated against every defaulting officer.
The Governor directed that the General Administration Department should energise the vigilance framework in the State to ensure transparent and responsive public service delivery and asked the Chief Secretary to issue circular directions to all the Administrative Secretaries to personally review all pending vigilance matters in the respective departments and a consolidated report submitted to the Governor on fortnightly basis.
Commissioner, General Administration Department informed that 91 FIRs were registered during 2015 involving 158 gazetted officers and 118 non-gazetted officials. Sanction for prosecuting 32 cases, involving 22 gazetted officers and 40 non-gazetted officials has been recommended, and sanction has been accorded in 22 cases involving 5 gazetted officers and 39 non gazetted officials. 22 cases have been challaned involving 12 gazetted officers and 47 non-gazetted officials. The Governor was also informed that 10 cases were concluded in 2015 involving conviction of 1 gazetted officer and 10 non-gazetted officials.
The Governor shall shortly hold another meeting to review all vigilance matters with the State Vigilance Commission and the Vigilance Organisation.


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