How Muzamil Thakur Openly Threatened Kashmiri Women’s Rights Activist Tasleema At A UN Forum

Tasleema Has Stated That Thakur Threatened Her And Said “Kashmir Vapas Nahi Jana Kya?”

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The triggers of the guns operating against the state in Kashmir are directly controlled by the ISI, and by rogues in the Kashmiri Diaspora. These two forces decide the fate of those who dare to express the truths and exposé the demons who destroy the lives of Kashmiri youth by placing guns or drugs in their hands.

From creating law and order problems in Kashmir to the killings that happen here, every negative action is ordered by the ISI and the rogue Diaspora machinery. These people of Kashmiri origin live plush lives in foreign countries. Their children study in reputed schools. They have prosperous and luxurious lifestyles. And to keep adding to their fortunes, they play on the blood of innocent and gullible Kashmiri youth.

These rogues in the Kashmiri Diaspora are hand in glove with ISI of Pakistan. These two forces drive the machines which indoctrinate the Kashmiri youth to pick up guns against the state. These radicalized youth create havoc in Kashmir, make people suffer and die. They become the cause of the blood of innocent Kashmiris spilt on the streets.

ISI and rogues in Kashmiri Diaspora operate terror ecosystem

ISI and the rogues in the Kashmiri Diaspora create the terror players who make children orphans, who turn women into widows. The rogues in the Kashmiri Diaspora make parents wail for their boys that leave the fold of the family to pick up the gun, or become hybrid militants.

For over 30 years, ISI and the rogues in the Kashmiri Diaspora pulled the strings of the terror machinery. They trapped the Kashmiris under the wheels of terror. We were crushed under the commands of Pakistan and under the commands of these Diaspora rogues. The Mullahs fed by Pakistan continue to radicalize and indoctrinate innocent children in Pakistan and also in Kashmir.

These forces never admit that they are exploiting us in the name of religion. One may question them that why you are doing this to us Kashmiris? Their answer is that Muslim clerics and leaders will decide the path in which an innocent common Muslim of Kashmir will tread.

The path that Pakistan shows to us Kashmiris is always the path that leads to death and destruction for us, our children, our elders, our coming generations.

Tasleema has submitted complaint to the UN and to JK Police

Recently Muzammil Ayyub Thakur threatened Kashmiri women rights activist Tasleema at the United Nations for exposing Pakistan sponsored terror in her homeland.

Tasleema attended the United Nations recently to commend the advancement of women’s empowerment in Kashmir under the Modi government. She criticized the negative actions of Pakistan and its allies in Kashmir. Her remarks left Thakur and others feeling frustrated.

After Tasleema’s speech at the United Nations, Thakur allegedly threatened her with severe repercussions. Tasleema reported that the self-proclaimed human rights activist Muzammil Ayub Thakur, approached her and said,
“Kashmir Vapas Nahi Jana Kya?”

Tasleema has now written a letter to the UN, urging action against Thakur for his misconduct during the UN session. Additionally, she has brought the matter to the notice of JK Police.

Police Complaint By Kashmiri Advocate Against Muzamil Thakur

Last year, an advocate filed a complaint against Muzammil Ayyub Thakur for making public and social media threats towards him. According to a police spokesperson, it was reported to the Kothibagh Police Station that Thakur’s actions on social media and other platforms are potentially harmful to the sovereignty, integrity, and unity of India.

Thakur calls himself the leader of World Kashmiri Freedom Movement (WKFM), an organization formed by all those who want Kashmir to always burn and bleed. As per the police report, Thakur’s actions are causing anxiety and panic among the general public and provoking them to commit acts that could potentially disrupt public order.

The police report added that inputs had been received that Thakur along with some other anti-national persons has been active on the social media, especially on Twitter. Police said that he is spreading hate against the state and poisoning the minds of the people in this era of peace and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir after the events of August 5, 2019.

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