Failures should not discourage young people: Javid Iqbal Kakroo

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Javid Iqbal Kakroo also having Pen name Faheem is a well known literary personality from Kashmir settled in United Kingdom.
He is known for his efforts towards promotion of literature and Urdu language in UK.
Recently he was awarded by well known Nepali literary institution.

In an exclusive interview with the Heaven Mail, he talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

A bit about your childhood days?

I grew up in a well-educated family of professionals at old town of Baramulla where all my siblings and other relatives held high posts in government as well as in private sector which always remained an aspiration for me to do well in life though as every other child I enjoyed to play cricket and volleyball at old EIDGAH at Baramulla.

How was Academic life like ?

My primary education was from my local MOHALLA of old town and after completing my MATRIC from High School Baramulla, I did my graduation from Degree College Baramulla. I completed my M.A and MPhil qualifications from University of Kashmir and soon after completing my M.Phil Program I joined the Higher Education Department.

Tell our readers about your Professional Life?

My professional life has been always fantastic but a roller-coaster and has taught me and given me the experience to believe in myself. I started my work life as a lecturer in Higher Education and taught at Degree College Baramulla, Sopore and Udhampur before joining a rural bank that time called Kamraz Rural bank, now Known as Grameen Bank as a Manger. My thirst of exploring the new things brought me to the United Kingdom and in the UK after gaining some qualifications, I went to the education sector again and taught Urdu and English languages till Covid started. During my professional career, I remained active in promoting the life of Kashmir in its real prospective to the people in the UK as well other parts of Europe. The main moto was that Kashmir is not the only political issue but it has its cultural, art, history, food, life style and uniqueness and conducted few exhibitions of Kashmir art and cultural in the UK under the banner of KASHMIR ART AND CULTURAL ASSOCIATION (KACA) of which I am the chairperson.

As a Poet?

I believe that I take the things seriously and in order to give a vent to what I feel made me a poet and I started writing poetry in Urdu Language. Inshallah very soon a collection of my poetry will be published. It may not be out of way to mention here that the SAHETA ACADEMY OF NEPAL awarded me with their annual reward of 2003 in recognition of my contribution towards URDU language from UK to Kashmir. I have attended many ALLMI MUSHAR in India and London and have been honored with awards as well.

Regional Peace importance ?

The regional peace is indispensable for the neighboring countries their survival and development. The main hurdle in the way of promoting harmony, co-operation and sharing is the trust deficit even when they discuss anything on the table it is never sincere and open minded but always reservations, so unless they start initiatives sincerely and progress in the right direction for promoting peace and understanding there can be no regional peace. We should take lesson from European Countries who discuss their differences without having to make them the cause of friction.

Importance of Secularism, your take?

To promote and protect pluralism, multi culturalism and diversity, it is necessary that the state should be above narrow considerations. There is at all no scope for a government in India to be sectarian in outlook. It has to be above all the narrow mindedness to create unity in diversity and to win the confidence of all sections and promote equal development, confidence and security India can be nothing other than secular.

A bit about your Aspirations?

I wish that all the sections of population should understand the benefits of a peaceful environment helping progress and development and contribute their share in this direction.

Messages to Youth?

Everywhere there are problems being faced by youth but unfortunately in our part of the world the challenges are not faced in a productive and positive manner and a great percentage resort to the negative behavior. They should understand that problems are to be faced and fought back with courage without giving in. In Kashmir we have seen a number of youth coming up in competitive exams and shaping their lives well. Failures should not discourage young people from trying again and again. No government in the world can provide white color jobs in the offices to all, our youth shall have to explore avenues of employment outside the offices and be courageous to promote their economic welfare. My message to my youth will be that shortcuts never pay in life. These days whole world is at your fingertips, explore yourself in a positive manner and be an example for others.

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