Prominent Political Activist, District President Budgam Aam Aadmi Party and Ex Municipal Committee Chairman Hakim Ruhallah Gazi joined (BJP)

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Srinagar March 25: District President Budgam Aam Admi Party Hakeem Gazi joined the party in a press conference held by BJP General Secretary J&K Shri Ashok Kaul in presence of other Senior Leaders Dr Ali Mohammed Mir Spokesman Altaf Thakur, Media incharge Manzoor Baht National council Member Bilal Parray and others.

Ashok koul, while speaking on the occasion said, Gazi Hakeem decided to leave the AAP because he was inspired development module of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He wanted to join the BJP to work for the people.

Gazi said that considering the National Interest, National Upliftment, the Aspirations of people of J&K, Youth Upliftment & Employment, I feel that the platform by Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is very much appropriate and correct which is working to provide a positive way out for the people of J&K especially the Youth. With this Mr. Gazi added that I want to share a message for the people of J&K that it’s very hopeful time going on and we should be hopeful that all the aspirations of people of J&K will get all the great things in life. I also want to mention that the great approach of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi towards the Nation Building, Youth Upliftment shows that how great the caliber of the Hon’ble PM is and of the party as well.
Mr. Gazi said that AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal couldn’t find a single policy for the aspirations of people of J&K in all these months since the Party Organizational Structure was formed.

Gazi further added that looking at the policies from BJP for the Upliftment of J&K I believe that the people of J&K will surely see the progress, development, employment & a better life with better education.

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