New Initiatives, New Enthusiasm In Govt Schools

Teachers Seem To Be More Accountable, LG Admn Deserves Credit

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With the onset of spring, the trees are laden with blossoms, adding beauty to Kashmir. The human buds have also started towards their academic institutes. In the morning the beautiful kids with their packed bags and lunch boxes decorate the streets of Kashmir.

In their uniforms, these tender young buds add beauty to the naturally abundant Kashmir. The Almighty has bestowed our Kashmir with breath taking beauty and serene waters. It could have more than a paradise if people in Kashmir had placed their faith in the state and its various institutions.

But the people alone cannot be faulted. It is perhaps the wrongdoings of past regimes. They kept our minds bound. They did not let a common Kashmir explore and think. Pakistan exploited our bound minds.

Govt School Teachers Were Not Committed To Their Role

Same has been the problem posed by the teachers in the government run educational institutions. Instead of doing their jobs in a committed manner, the government teachers only focused on drawing handsome salaries. They shaped the future of their own kids, and left the poor man’s kid to perish.

I have heard many instances from my parents that many teachers were appointed even though they had studied only till primary level. It is obvious that if the teacher’s qualification was only till Class 5 or Class 8, what could he or she be expected to teach?

With the passage of time, the required qualification of a government teacher changed. So perhaps they were more educated than before. But their attitude did not change. They remained concerned about securing the future of their own children only.

They draw handsome salaries and admit their children in the private English medium institutes. The future turned out to be bright for such students. The students in the government educational institutes failed to compete with the students from private institutions because the former could not match them in knowledge and understanding.

Govt schools were considered second grade

The government teachers kept on repeating ‘do ekai do’ when the private student had already jumped over fences. This resulted in loss of credibility for the government schools. It is sad that even today, those who educate their children in government schools are looked down upon. This has become a common narrative in Kashmir. ‘He is a lowly man since his children are reading in a sarkari school’ – this is the common attitude. Sarkari schools are seen as schools for the poor only. Perhaps the teachers feel that they have no accountability to anyone since the school does not charge any fee.

But over the last couple of years, a shift is visible. Government schools have acquired more respect. It is a visible difference. All credit goes to the LG Administration and the School Education Directors of both Jammu and Kashmir divisions.

One can see a welcome change

Since the last three weeks, Government school teachers are on their toes to enroll children in their respective schools. It does not seem to be the case that their will power has got a sudden boost. Of course this is an order from the head of the department.

This initiative is indeed appreciable. Academic programs in government schools are getting streamlined. The teachers seem to be suddenly dedicated and committed to their role. Morning prayers in the government schools are loud and high. The charm on the faces of the government school students is apparent.

We seem to be heading to that happy time when we will be able to witness huge enrollment in the state run academic institutions. Studying in government schools has many benefits, and main is that it is free from recurring costs. It is at an easily accessible distance. It seems that now, parents can also ask regarding the progress report of their wards. The government is ensuring accountability on the part of the teachers. As responsible citizens, we should support the government teachers in this move by admitting our children in Government schools. We should give them a chance and make the enrollment drive successful.

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