Morning study is more beneficial than almonds

Hormones to improve memory are released in brain early morning

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Vijay Garg

It has been seen that children often study till late at night when the exam is near, but this habit is not good to get good marks. Instead of this, morning studies can be better.

Psychologists believe that hormones that improve memory are released in the brain in the morning. At the same time, the hormones of the night bring lethargy to the body.

With the examinations around the corner, many children are reaching the hospital with exam stress and forgetfulness. Doctors at a leading Delhi hospital say that on average, their number is four to five during the day. On normal days this figure barely reaches one.

Good to work according to the biological clock

The children who changed their routine at the suggestion of the doctors studied in the morning instead of at night. They have also got the benefit of this. Psychologists point out that the body works on the basis of biological time cycles. As soon as the sun sets, melatonin hormones start to form in our bodies. These hormones released from the pineal gland in the body cause the body to become lethargic with sleep.

In such a situation, if you stay awake till late at night and study, then the process of making melatonin hormone is affected. This is harmful to the body.

At the same time, during the morning, the process of making testosterone hormone starts in the body. It refreshes the body and gives new energy. Testosterone is a steroid hormone of the androgen group. In mammals, testosterone is primarily secreted by the testes in males and the ovaries in females.

Doctors say that children who have studied on the basis of time cycle have got benefited.

Retention capacity increases

By studying in the morning, retention capacity increases. Also, the body does not get tired quickly. At the time of examination, children take almonds, medicines, and other food items to increase memory. All these increase memories, but studies on the basis of time cycle is more effective than all these measures.

A leading Delhi hospital said that they receive about 75,000 patients every year. About one thousand of these patients are related to the stress of the examination. After discussing with the children coming to the hospital, it is known that in order to score higher, they stay awake till night and wake up late in the morning. They don’t remember much of what they read at night.

Doctors say that such children are advised to sleep early at night and wake up at four to five in the morning to study. Considerable improvement has been seen in such children.

Waking up late at night causes problems

Doctors say that waking up late at night disturbs the biological time cycle, which leads to stress and other problems. Apart from this, if other problems also flourish in the body, then it is very harmful.

High protein diet is essential

Doctors advise that high protein-rich food should be taken at the time of examination. Also, there should be no shortage of water in the body. One has to sit at one place for a long time during the exam. In such a situation, one should also roam in between, due to which the body remains healthy.

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