Feburary 16 Innovation Day

Purpose to create awareness and motivation for innovation

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Innovation happens when convergent thinkers, who march straight ahead towards their goal, combine forces with divergent thinkers—those who professionally wander, who are comfortable being uncomfortable, and who look for what is real.”
—John Maeda, Chief Technology Officer of Everbridge
Every year on February 16, Innovation Day is celebrated in some countries to create awareness for innovation and motivate people to create enduring products for future generations.
Innovation has become something of a buzzword these days, but it is one that represents an important concept that is constantly changing the world because it’s, well, innovative!
Any time a person comes up with a new idea, a new product, or a new service that advances modern technology and finds new ways of doing things, they have been a part of innovation. Whether this happens at home, on a local level, corporately, or on an international level, Innovation Day celebrates such accomplishments!
Companies all over the world are constantly innovating, creating new ways for people to interact with and experience the world. Innovation Day celebrates these intrepid explorers of new ideas and what their work changes about our future.
History Of Innovation Day
The Science History Institute, working in conjunction with the Society of Chemical Industry, is regularly banded together to host Innovation Day. This particular day was created to help bring attention to those who were not just producing technology, but to those who were pushing the envelope on what could be done and what was possible.
These two organizations know that every new idea or invention, every new step forward, is based on the work done by the innovators of the past. This is true today and will continue to remain true in the future.
Which makes it that much more important to honor those innovators of the past who have laid the foundation for today and for the future.
Innovation Days may be held throughout the year by companies and organizations seeking to find opportunities and acquire great ideas from all throughout their infrastructure. What sets these innovators apart is that they look at present knowledge and technology and then aim to see beyond their present applications.
Important to understand the future implications of technology
As society changes, the use of technology changes with it, even existing technology. This means that innovators need to be able to understand not just the present context that technology exists in, but the future implications of that technology. From this broader understanding, they can develop new technology that better suits the uses that old tech has been put to. This understanding can also inspire new forms of technology that hadn’t previously been considered.
In an age of increasing interconnectivity and complexity in industries, successful innovators connect face-to-face with their peers and look beyond immediate technical matters to understand the broader implications of their work. By taking early-career scientists out of the lab and giving them broader access to their colleagues and to the historical and social context of their research, Innovation Day supports a 21st-century chemical enterprise that addresses society’s most pressing needs.

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