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My message to young and aspiring writers is to put pen to paper. Work hard on your writing and share your thoughts without any expectations.

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Vikram Singh , who hails from Jammu, is a banker, a passionate traveller and loves to write during his free time. He has shined in corporate world and is today among the top emerging authors of India. His book “Mystery of the Urban Monks” garnered much rave reviews.
In an exclusive interview with the Heaven Mail, he talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.
How did the transition from a successful corporate journey to becoming a famous Author happened?
Well, there is an interesting story behind it. I am a born traveller and used to travel a lot for leisure and sometimes for work. Traveling enhanced my worldview as I often used to visit different places, meet diverse set of people, hear interesting stories about their cultures and folklores. My inner self wanted to give these wonderful experiences an immortal shape in the form of words and that’s how writing happened for me. It has been a never looking back Journey.
Tell us bit about your debut book ” Mystery of urban monks” which got rave reviews?
My debut novel book ” Mystery of Urban Monks ” is an Amazon Bestseller #1 and was ranked by Outlook India “among the top ten books that will change your outlook towards life”. I am thankful to the reader community for showering so much of love and encouragement. About the book, it is a story of three friends from diverse faiths and backgrounds.
Krish is from a middle-class family engrossed in his life with a successful corporate career, Tony a happy go lucky person owns a mom n pop store and draws his inspiration from a Buddhist monk and Asif is much awed by the music world and trying his hands at carpet selling business. The book is about the life changing events that takes them to Tibet, Afghanistan and Varanasi. It’s about love, adventure and deceit.
Readers are curious to know when is your second book coming?
My second book whose title I won’t be able to disclose this time is a thriller based in Rajasthan and we are expecting it to be published by mid-2023. It is being published by Srishti publishers.
Your message to young writers?
My message to young and aspiring writers is to put pen to paper. Work hard on your writing and share your thoughts without any expectations. Read regularly, travel a lot if possible as travel widens our horizons of thinking, also observe keenly. Write from your soul. Personally, I read a lot but not the genre I write. Be original. Do not get your mind over influenced by others.
Tell us bit about your overall inspirations?
As far as writing world goes, I am a big fan of Mohsin Hameed. I also admire Paul Coelho as a writer. My parents have also imbibed in me values of love, knowledge and tolerance and they too are my inspirations, besides a lot of friends and countless people who have helped me and guided me although my journey.
Your take on scope of writing in India?
It is a good question and I am glad that you asked it. Today, the genre of fiction writing has tremendous scope. Thanks to writers like Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi for creating a huge English readership and encouraging new writers. This is a wonderful time to be a writer.

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