Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra Is A Desperate Exercise

Rahul is trying to whitewash Congress sins, somehow stall the BJP juggernaut

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The Bharat Jodo yatra is scheduled to reach Kashmir valley soon. The yatra motive is to increase connect and contact between the different sections of people divided on political differences.
The yatra is led by the ex president of All India Congress Party Rahul Gandhi. The Congress party has come to the point where its survival is at stake.
For strengthening the party Rahul Gandhi had started this yatra on September 7, 2022. It main objectives, he said, were to protest against the politics of, “fear, bigotry and prejudice”, and the economics of livelihood destruction, increasing unemployment and growing in equality.
Rahul is trying to fight BJP’s phenomenal rise
Since it is BJP government at centre, so the protest is against the saffron party. Because the saffron party is heading the Union of India with its own style and agenda. The fact is that the BJP’s style and agenda attracts the people all over india. The citizens appreciate the way the present government is governing the system.
India has been led by many inspirational leaders who have governed India since last seven decades. Each leader had different vision of New India in their eyes. Some made sounds, some made plans, but the present govt turned the dreams into realities. A new India is emerging with the vision of self-reliance, prosperity and development.
The people like this vision and have elected those who dare to turn impossible into possibility.
Why people are jealous of BJP’s growth
The people have dreams in their eyes, the dreams of having an Incredible India where everyone has happy ambitions and aspirations and are proud Indians. When all this is turning into realities, it is obvious that the people having low vision will get frustrated by these kind of positive changes.
The people sitting in opposition will make their every possible effort to dismiss the rising bright possibilities and opportunities. They will oppose it, divert and deviate the commoners towards talk of religious bigotry and hate politics. But the people know what should be and what is.
How the Congress messed up Kashmir
The Congress party patron Rahul Gandhi has started this yatra in order to gain sympathies from the general public and to conceal the wrong doing done by the Congress party in the past.
While addressing press conference in Jammu Rahul Gandhi demanded that honorable LG of Jammu and Kashmir must apologize Kashmiri Pandits. But if we count the wrong doings of Congress party like partition of india, partition of Kashmir, surrender in ladakh, Maharaja Hari Singh’s insult and exile, creation of Kashmir issue, rise of Sheiikh Abdullah and his communal politics, Beigh and Parthasarthy accord, Rajiv Farooq accord, Article 370, Shimla Accord, betrayal recalling jagmohan from Kashmir in 1990 and repeated exodus of kashmiri pandits. There are still many more such faults and wrongdoings by the Congress party during their rule in India. When the people have realized all this and acted against the party, Rahul Gandhi has try to put a thick blanket cover to such faults using bharat jodo yatra.
Rahul is able to enter Kashmir because of BJP’s achievements
The yatra is going to enter Kashmir very soon. Rahul Gandhi should remember that the yatra has been able to enter Jammu and Kashmir because of the events that happened on August 5, 2019. Kashmir has strengthened and is coming out of terror years because of the present government at the centre.
If it had been Congress rule then it was quite impossible for Rahul Gandhi to step in Kashmir because of security concerns. After repealing Article 370 the street protests have vanished in Kashmir and now has a terror free atmosphere. Any one can room freely in all parts of Kashmir and yatra has been also possible because of least possible terror attack.
How Kashmir suffered during the terror years
Kashmir had been dispersed on several tracks before august 5, 2019 events. There had not been a fixed goal for Kashmir’s future. Everyone was trying to warm up and bake their bread using the heat of boiling Kashmir. Our local politicians and the non state actors where pulling the Kashmir rope to themselves.
There is a famous Kashmiri phrase, “kahan chei reamich gaav”. It means for more people it is impossible to protect a cow because each one thinks that other one will do but at the end no one does. In Kashmir, the local leaders and the non state players – all thought of their selfishness, not for the general public.
After abrogation of Article 370 Kashmir is on the uni-directional path of progress. Now there is honest and decisive government leading to end of corruption, favouritism, separatism, end of alienation and hate. Kashmir has been put on the track of corruption free, terror free development and progress.
The Bharat Jodo yatra of Rahul Gandhi will again divert mischievous minds to raise the voices against the state. It may even help Pakistan to build its own narrative in Kashmir and hamper the building of the nationalist narrative. We all have to stand guard against any such negative development.

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