Heartburn Against Retrieval Of State Land From Land Grabbers

Some Online News Channels Trying To Whip Up Public Emotion On Fake Grounds

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At a time when the administration is retrieving occupied lands from land grabbers, some online news channels are trying to hoodwink the people by creating an illusion that the LG administration is sparing their own structures. By doing this, these media platforms are trying to build a sympathetic relationship with the common masses.
The truth is that in this way, the media groups are actually instigating the commoners against the state and its machinery. These media groups are producing and airing content that shall make the commoners hate the UT Administration. Earlier, it was the work of the non-state actors in Kashmir, who had a habit of brewing hate against the state and passing it on as the Kashmir narrative. Now some online news channels are doing it.
Govt building made on govt land – then what is the issue?
Recently an online news portal aired the news that most of the government buildings like Raj Bhawan, UN Office and many more are built on the encroached state land and kahchariai (grazing land).
If these buildings or offices have been built on the state land, one cannot understand what is the whole issue? The state owned land is meant for the state. Is anyone in the whole Kashmir ready to donate a chunk of land for the construction of administrative offices? The answer will be no.
These offices serve the people. These structures hold records of the general public. These buildings are the places where employees work. They are provided with a protective environment to work, and draw their monthly salaries.
If these offices had not been constructed on state land, where else could they have been constructed?
Secondly, the government buildings are not the sole ownership of any individual, whether he is a top cop, an officer at a top position or the Hon’ble LG himself. These officers come, serve and go back without any possession of being owners of the land or any government building.
Instead of taking up the question of the construction of government offices on the state land, it will be better if we raise the other important question. How was it possible that innumerable private structures were raised on state land at gunpoint in the last three decades in Kashmir? Let us admit that the gun cult has now become extreme barbarism.
The extremists rampantly encroached on state lands.
People of all religions have encroached on govt land
We are aware that the village level management committees have deliberately constructed mosques, madrassas, auqaf offices, libraries and other such structures meant for the general public for religious reasons – all on state-owned land. All religions, whether in Kashmir or in the rest of the nation, have used their power as the instrument to plunder and loot the state. This applies to the religious places of all communities. In doing so, we did not keep the religious sanctity of all the beautiful religions. The people of each community never stopped to think that religious prayers are meant for spiritual connectivity between the Creator and his people. It seems that in our greed for more and more material wealth, we humans have ignored our religious beliefs and the religious duties.
Moreover, how can one justify the encroachment done by non-state actors like the extremists? They grabbed huge chunks of state land and used it for propagating sessionist ideology among the common masses. They also used it for anti national activities. If we ignore our own faults and highlight only the faults of the state, it will not help us in the long run or in the short run.

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