Contribution of Newspapers to Education

Reading newspapers builds the right values of discipline, seeking of knowledge

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From birth to the last moments of life, man always has the desire to learn something. This desire to learn makes a person very wise and able to reflect in the society. Of course, a person learns a lot from school, books, home, society, but newspapers also have their own importance in human life.
By reading newspapers, a person’s vocabulary increases significantly. While newspapers increase the knowledge of man, reading newspapers regularly also inculcates the right values of discipline and learning among children. Also a lot of common knowledge is obtained from newspapers. Even for those who are eager to find employment, there are often job advertisements in newspapers from time to time. Articles published in newspapers make a person who reads newspapers daily a scholar.
Newspapers in mother tongue must be promoted
It is very sad to say that nowadays people feel ashamed to read newspapers in their mother-tongue, or read them at home. If Urdu and English newspapers are available in the house, then the children of the house will also learn a lot easily. Later this knowledge will also help them to reach great places.
Newspaper will help children to be aware of their heritage. They will always be connected to their mother tongue due to the presence of newspapers at home. Newspapers have suffered a huge decline during the Corona period. The main need of the day is that people should get newspapers in their homes, offices, relatives and friends’ homes. Even by doing this, a great service can be done to the mother tongue.
In every house if there is a newspaper, many people can also get employment. The pleasure you get from reading a real newspaper is not available from a mobile or computer. Let’s take the initiative and cultivate the hobby of reading newspapers from today.

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