Start your journey step by step: Thara Kaluarachchi, Srilankan Dancer and Model

Be humble as you ascend. Start your journey step by step. So then only can go far. Do your part as fairly as you can. Don't try to find short ways to do your role. Go only correct way.

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Thara Kaluarachchi is among the eminent dancers of Srilanka, emerging young and dynamic models of Srilanka, known for her diversity in talent.
A bit about your childhood days?
I was born in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka and I’m the third in my family. And I lived there until I came to this field. In my childhood I had a good day and was a cute doll for my parents and two brothers and they loved me so much. Also my neighbours loved me like that. So I spent my childhood in a very fun manner and I was a mischievous kid. So I played freely with my same age childs in their homes and opted for more children games. However I had a fantastic childhood.
A bit about your academic life?
I went to two schools and learned well till advanced level. At my Ordinary Level I was selected for dancing for my aesthetic subject. I loved dancing very much from my small age. If I walk along a road, sure I’m dancing and always moving my hands and legs for a rythem. It’s because I choose dancing as I love it. So at that time I got much victories participating in many dancing competitions and representating my school. After that I had chance to go abroad for dancing. There I did my task very well. Comming to Sri Lanka I started my dancing life.
Your future plans?
In the future. I would like to be a good actress. After that I started my jouney as a model, was invited for bridal photo shoots. There I kept first step to this field and worked hard. Now I’m in a stable position. But I still remember my early days, how I come here and faced hard situations. I have been invited to contribute for a tele drama and these days it is shooting. Meanwhile I take part for photo shoots. So I want to go ahead on this road as a talented one to be as a great brand. It will be the best satisfaction for me.
Your inspirations?
I want to do my job well. It is my inspiration. Also I like very much to travel. In Sri Lanka there are number of beautiful place to travel. Actually Srilanka is like a paradise. From it I take a priceless inspiration for my life. I want to be simple in my life and enjoy. So I do work that is my inspirations. I always try to keep myself happy. It is the best encouragement for me to go to the success path.
Your take on role of social media?
Social media is a good place for us to be informed and interact with followers. We also get to inform about our subjects of interests. Seeing us from somewhere in a virtual mode they misunderstand of this field. So they look at us by a wrong angle. In social media we can give them correct ideas about this field. I think it is a success way. When I post my pictures and videos to social media, get lovely comments. They are getting optimistic attitudes because of social media. It is a nice inspiration for me. So their replies, comments make me so inspiring.
Your advices?
A person who wants to enter this field should have good patience. Because there are a lot of people who can’t see someone’s success and will always do anything to bring us down. Facing them is always the right thing to do. Also, respect people who stand by you in tough times and remember always Be humble as you ascend. Start your journey step by step. So then only can go far. Do your part as fairly as you can. Don’t try to find short ways to do your role. Go only correct way.
Your hobbies ?
At my free time I like to listen classical songs. Sometimes rock musics. It calms my mind. Because I always spend busy days. Also I deploy time to reading novels, papers, magazines ect. Every time it is difficult to look at books. So I watch good movies and videos that are helpful for my field. The important thing, I sleep if I have a time. It is more interesting to me.

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