Saudi Arabia To Stop Financial Support To Pakistan.

People Don’t Have Food To Eat, But Pakistan Army Keeps Getting Richer

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Saudi Arabia is going to withdraw the financial package for Pakistan. Another FATF like sanction is going to be imposed against Pakistan by Saudi Arabia.
This comes at a time when Pakistan is already in worst economical crisis and the prices have gone up touching the sky.
Inflation has hit the developing countries. In Pakistan, people are striving for basic facilities like electricity, health care and food. The life of the common masses in Pakistan has become miserable and full of struggles.
The elites of Pakistan are living a royal life. But the majority is of middle class, who earns miserable amounts for livelihoods. In Pakistan it has been seen that the royals and riches at top in the list are associated with ISI.
It has also been witnessed that excluding some businessmen, the former top cops, and the policy makers the rest of the population in Pakistan is suffering due to financial crisis and inflation.
The common Pakistani continues to suffer
In such a scenario, the stopping of financial aid has come like a bolt from the blue. Pakistan uses all its money and monetary sources to strengthen the Army and the ISIS terrorists. It has always ignored the sufferings of the common masses. The decision of Saudi Arabia to freeze all bail-outs for Pakistan shall impact the general public, not the elites. This is because the financial package which Pakistan earlier received from Saudi Arabia was used by Army. The common masses rely on the Government for funds.
It is obvious now that if the financial package from Saudi Arabia ceases, Pakistan Government will use its monetary wealth for the Army. The needs and demands of the common masses will day by day get increased. But their wants won’t be satisfied. The Army of Pakistan is financed by the money of the common man. But the common man continues to suffer.
No more freebies
Saudi finance Minister made it clear that no more freebies will be given to Pakistan. The nearly negligibile investment which Saudi will make in Pakistan will be in the shape of infrastructure development. The freezing of funds to Pakistan is symbol that entire world is now united against Pakistan, which is bent on nurturing terrorists.
Now the entire world has taken a stand to oppose those who want to disrupt peace in the world. Secluded in World Economical Forum, Pakistan is like the culprit who has to pay for the sins.
The kakistocracy that is Pakistan
But the irony is this the people of Pakistan are not aware of how much the Army has defrauded them. Till date, all the money given to Pakistan should have been utilised for the upliftment of common masses. But it was misused by Pakistan’s Army, ISI and the snollygoster leaders of Pakistan.
Pakistan is a country which started the innings with kakistocracy – government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state. After getting money from India at the time of Independence, Pakistan became a plutocracy. Now it is a bad combination of both kakistrocracy and plutocracy.
Pakistan should learn a lesson from India and its robust democracy. Today India is no more known as a land of snake charmers but a country which supplies medicines, a country which is the pioneer in inventing corona vaccine. A country which gives yoga lessons to entire world and strongly believes in Vasudev Kutumbakam, which means that all the world is like one family.

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