Our Society Needs To Wake Up To Rampant Drug Abuse

We Have To Protect Our Children From This Poison.

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Jammu and Kashmir is becoming the second highest drug consuming region in India. As per the data Punjab is at first rank.
From the last five years the number of drug abusers in Jammu and Kashmir has increased by 2000 percent. Youths in the age group of 13 to 27 years of age are most vulnerable to drugs. Not only the young boys are inclined towards drug abuse but the young girls are also using drugs in high content. The young women folk who use drugs are mostly those who remain out of their homes for the whole day.
Usually young boys and girls leave home in the early morning and their parents think that our kids are at school or at coaching classes. But it is the bitter truth that after they finish the classes, the young boys and girls use drugs. Some days ago a video which went viral shows that two girls were in an intoxicated state and were smoking cannabis with the boys.
Encounter with a teenage drug addict
Recently I had an encounter with a teenaged boy who had just turned 13. I was shocked to listen to his words. It was late evening and I had to attend the wedding function of my friend. I met another friend there. We were standing on the road and were talking about our life.
Some other guys were standing nearby. Probably they were from Bihar and were engaged in labour work in Jammu. Suddenly a boy approached them. His age was so low that he had not even sprouted a beard yet. One of them asked him something in their language.
The boy answered, No Mistri, I have left all that. The young boy said goodbye to them and left the place.
After a few seconds, the boy came back to them and asked for a cigarette. His age was so low that I felt concerned for him. I asked him, just now you said that you have left all the bad things. Then why are you consuming it now?
The boy furiously replied, Not this! I have left smoking the double cigarette. Later I found out that double cigarette means a cigarette loaded with cannabis.
He lit the cigarette like a seasoned smoker. I still felt concerned for him. I asked him, why are you doing this? He spoke to me in a threatening voice. He said, You
mind your own business. If you interfere, you won’t find yourself here any more. The boy warned me not to ask him about the use of drugs.
Such a small boy, barely 13. And he was talking about the use of drugs so casually. I felt so sad for him and for the situation around us that I leaned against the wall. I thought, where is our youth headed? I wondered if his parents knew about his wayward ways.
Boys aged 13-14 are consuming drugs
After some time, when the boy left the place, I spoke to some other boys standing there. I asked them, why did this boy approach only your group for getting a cigarette? One of the boys replied – he uses drugs of any kind. Smoking is just fun for him. Not only him, there are many more boys here who are studying in Class 7 or 8, and are drug addicts. I asked them – where do these boys reside? The group answered – these drug addicts come to us only in the evenings. We don’t know where they live. We only know that the name of one of them is Khalil.
It is quite painful to witness our budding youth wasting themselves in drugs.
It is so awful for a society whose youth has become inclined towards drugs. The future of the country, the society, the family depends on its energetic youth. But if the youth is diverted and devoted to narcotics and drugs, how can we expect a bright and smiling future? Our society needs to wake up to the drug menace. The parents need to remain cautious. The teachers need to be more vigilant. Our religious leaders need to highlight the problem of drug abuse. This must remain the prime and important concern during religious gatherings and sermons, so that more awareness is created to save the youth of our country.

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