Deforestation A Matter Of Concern

Vital To Protect The Forest Cover.

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Deforestation refers to the cutting of different tree species on a large scale. Deforestation leads to soil erosion, flash floods, risk of high intensity natural calamities, and decrease in the concentration of oxygen level in the atmosphere and increase in the carbon dioxide, which causes increase in temperature during summers. In fact forests play a necessary role in balancing natural phenomena. It includes providing us with oxygen, which is necessary for the survival of life on this earth and there is no alternative for it.
I agree that in our system every subject is important and has an eminent influence in our society like economics, education, political science, mathematics, history and all the remaining ones. But one thing is true and has been experienced by the experts that to effectively address environment related issues, we need scientific experts. They will be able to convince people about the urgent need to protect forests.
People destroying this national asset for petty gains
In our society there are selfish folk who are damaging, destroying and smuggling the forest assets for their personal gains. Actually the fact is that forests are not just a dense group of trees. Forests are the golden assets of the nation.
Forests are the real assets for our country. They are vital for the survival of mankind. This is why forests are far more important than gold or diamonds. We can survive without gold and diamonds but we can’t survive without forests.
The state plays an immense role in protecting and maintaining the environmental balance. Government administration or the concerned forest department should come out from their nests and should initiate the counselling programmes for the general folk. Advertisement hoardings should be displayed at the centrally located place for awareness and feedback.
For the last couple of years, I have visited several forest areas in different districts like Budgam, Gulmarg, Pahalgam. It is very heart wrenching and painful that in these areas, deforestation has taken place at an alarming level. The forests wear a thin look here. This ruthless act was done by selfish people for the sake of a few currency notes.
Our culture celebrates forests
For so many centuries, man has been celebrating the wealth of forests. Poets have written about forests. Singers sing about forests. Bollywood movies celebrate forests. Our culture celebrates forests.
The ravishing green tipped leaves, the cylindrical upright trunk of the pine trees, and mesmerising, whispering, roaring buzzing sound of the birds and insects. Forests beautify our motherland and bestows us with exceptional recreational scenes.
In India, 7, 12,249 Sq. Km of the total geographical area is under forests. In Jammu & Kashmir, 20,230 sq. km geographical area is under forests.
Pir Panjal forest range in Jammu and Kashmir is rich in different kinds of forest trees and plays a pivotal role in terms of the biodiversity of Jammu and Kashmir. This forest range provides shelter to several animal species.
Pir Panjal is a group of mountains in the lesser Himalayas region, running from east-southeast to northwest across the Indian territories of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir and then in Pakistan-Occupied J&K (POJK). The average elevation varies from 1400 m to 4100 m.The Himalayas show a gradual elevation towards the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges.
Pir Panjal is the largest range of the lesser Himalayas. Near the banks of the Sutlej River it dissociates itself from the Himalayas and forms a divide between the Beas and Ravi rivers on one side and the Chenab on the other. The renowned Galyat Mountains are also located in this range. The region is connected to the valley of Kashmir via Mughal road and used to be the historical connection of Kashmir with other states of India.
Forests used as recreational and research areas
Since centuries forests have been used for recreational activities like for the summer camps during the scorching heat. Forests are used for trekking purposes, mountaineering purposes, hunting etc.
Forests have been used for research since long. Scholars pursuing their doctorate degrees in botanical and similar sciences are fond of the forests because they offer rich bio-diversity.
Forests helps the balance in the food chains, food webs, provide shelter to the wild animals, birds, act as the hub of medicinal plants, and provide grazing space to the Tribal nomads. In some places where people who are living nearby the forests, they also get several benefits without harming the forests.
Deforestation and the solutions
Deforestation takes place when there is an external involvement that disturbs the forests for means of smuggling, constructional purposes, urbanization, timber demand for the bridges, buildings, etc.
Afforestation is the best alternative for the areas where trees have been cut down. But it takes too long to get into its original shape. So we should be aware of the people who try to harm the forests. Local bodies and the government administration should pay attention towards this issue. They must hold public awareness programs regularly and deploy sufficient man force during night hours until our society gets vigilant and educated regarding the importance of the forests and its uses.

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