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Tell us about your achievements?
I am Asila Jaques from Goa- India. D/o Francisco Xavier Jaques and Sinforosa Lelis rebello. I’m Not only well known in goa but known outside Goa too for my extraordinary performance and multi talents . Not mentioning much of my achievements because they are countless.
I am a All rounder child, a poet, a writer Co- author in 10+ anthologies, compiler of fly the top anthology and a project head of Albatross . I’m writer of the book 101 : SONGS OF THE POETIC HEART. I’ve achieved numerous awards and prizes at state, national and international level , have achieved 600 to 700+ certificates, I’m 3 times awarded the International diamond artist award, once as International gold artist award. 2 times noble book of world record holder. one of the Top 25 ambitious talents of the globe, top 17 glorious talents of the globe , top 18 write-ups of the year , top 27 personalities. Etc.
My achievements are Appreciated by India star book of records. I was officially appointed as a international peace ambassador in the year 2020.
Honoured with awards such as Responsible citizen award , India star independent award 2022, and SSIF global peace award 2022, kala Ratna, Kala gaurav National kalarang, India Star Golden Award 2022 and bhartiya kala samman 2021 At national & international level. And winner of international peace matrix poster contest, etc.
What are your aims?
I have never decide what I want to aim for as I don’t want to add a limit for my success . I want to think beyond everything and that’s what makes me a passionate personality .
My Only aim is to always achieve the greatest and the rarest heights with hard work and dedication and making my mother India proud.
Role of parents in your achievements?
“My parents- the pillars of my achievements ”
My parents who are my greatest encourages, inspirations and motivators. It is from their lives I have learnt how to live life in this world and how this world works.
It’s from my ancestral historic glorious background that I’ve learnt to believe in my self and self determination.
My parents have Always been there with me believing me and my talents for whatever I am.
I, as writer can say with confidence that there is no word in any dictionary all around the world that can describe how precious I am to my parents and they to me.
How far are teachers helping you to achieve?
“It is impossible for a inspirational story of a successor to not have discouragers ”
The same I faced. Not saying much on it.
The beginning of my journey began with self determination. I am a self trained and self determined talent and that’s what makes me so special and extraordinary. The awards that I’ve achieved till date are Without any guidance of a trainer or teacher.
I believe that ” freedom of mind” is very important for a artist, a writer, poet, etc to do, paint, pen whatever comes in mind.
And this have led me to achieve the rare heights in Goa.
*Your Inspiration?
Firstly, I never knew that I am talented and capable of achieving the heights I’m today.
But The people who I met who are obviously not from Goa, made me realize my worth. Never did they captured my freedom of mind ,but have watered my heart to bloom and shine. Being at a distance, they still encouraged me and helped me in whatever and however way they could. I’m really greatful to them and I feel honoured to have them with me always .
*On your world record?*
“You achieve what you are destined to achieve “.
I never knew that I will be a world record holder that too twice. I won the title for being multi talented. I just participated in all whatever I could because I believed that participating is not less than winning.
*Your messages*
“Shine as bright as the sun, so much so that no one can hold their eyes up high to your shine “.
My message is that nothing is impossible in this world if you have the proper dedication to your goals. never to get discouraged when people try doing so because they are the people who place you above them maybe in terms of knowledge , passion or personality, not infront of everyone but deep inside their conscious.
” taking away or making someone’s shine and brightness dull won’t make you shine brighter anymore.”
Never never and never will everyone notice your shine because
not everyone wants you to succeed,
not everyone wants to see you win,
Not everyone wants you to shine ,
And the last but not the least
What I realised throughout my journey is that
Talents , names, faces , achievements can be hidden by people who hate you just for their self contentment but it can never be extinguished because the victory to be won is already destined.

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