Interview and Biography of eminent writer and Author Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai

I love to write in different Genres, it is really hard to co concentrate on Just one Genre.Romantic Genre is my favorite, it is quite interesting to write in it.

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Dr Prasana Kumar Dalai
(DOB 07/06/1973) is a passionate Indian Author-cum-poet while a tremendous lecturer of English by profession in the Ganjam district of Odisha.He is an accomplished source of inspiration for young generation of India .His free verse on Romantic and melancholic poems appreciated by everyone. He belongs to a small typical village Nandiagada of Ganjam District,the state of Odisha.After schooling he studied intermediate and Graduated In Kabisurjya Baladev vigyan Mahavidyalaya then M A in English from Berhampur University PhD in language and literature and D.litt from Colombian poetic house from South America.He promotes his specific writings around the world literature and trades with multiple stems that are related to current issues based on his observation and experiences that needs urgent attention.He is an award winning writer who has achieved various laurels from the circle of writing worldwide.His free verse poems not only inspires young readers but also the ready of current time.His poetic symbol is right now inspiring others, some of which are appreciated by laurels of India and across the world. Many of his poems been translated in different Indian languages and got global appreciation. Lots of well wishes for his upcoming writtings and success in future.He is an award winning poet author of many best seller books.recently he is awarded Rabindra nath Tagore and Gujarat Sahitya Academy for the year 2022.winner Of Rahim Karims world literary prize 2023
Which Authors have influenced you most ?
This is a good question. The authors who are my favorites and have influenced me most are John Keats, John Donne and W.B. Yeats , I have found three writings very impressive.
Where do you teach ?
I teach currently English at Kabisurjya Baladev Vigyan Mahavidyalaya, Kabisurjyanagar Ganjam
Tell us about the favourite poems that you have authored ?
I have written scores of poems,but the poems that I Have authored and are favourite to me are Torment, Farewell Forever and Till the Dusk.
How do you see future of literature in Odisha?
The future of literature in Odisha is quite bright and promising. The culture and history of Odisha is quite famous world over. The contemporary writers are doing their best to promote the literature of Odhisa ,and Government of India is also taking many steps to promote the literature of Odhisa.
What is your favourite Genre to write?
I love to write in different Genres, it is really hard to co concentrate on Just one Genre.Romantic Genre is my favorite, it is quite interesting to write in it.
Your take on young writers of India, and your message ?
Young writers in India are in limelight because they produce world-class English literature in India. I am also humbly proud of myself that I am also a small particle in this galaxy of dynamic and young writers of India. I would like to say via your esteemed medium to youngsters anything can be acheived through will and determination. One has to always do hardwork for his or her noble goals.

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