2024 General Elections would be tough: Navneet Mishra, Chief Patron Jammu and kashmir All Alliance Democratic Party

Navneet Mishra is a veteran face of Jammu and Kashmir politics, he is Chief Patron of Jammu and Kashmir All Alliance Democratic Party.

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Why did you left Aam Aadmi Party despite being once its prominent members ?
These are now old memories and old talks for me. I had told even in media in several of my press conferences how they demand money from their leaders and take influential and rich guys in their party fold. The honest spirit and dedication with which I had joined the Aam Aadmi Party , I found them lagging in every aspect of same.
Which elections is your Party focus?
We would contest in Sarpanch elections, Municipal elections and Assembly elections but our main focus is Sarpanch elections.
What are the expectations of Jammu and Kashmir All Democratic Alliance Party in upcoming Assembly elections?
This is a futuristic question and can’t be answered yet. BUT in our journey of few months we have been able to garner more than 50 thousand members. Whole South Kashmir Aam Aadmi Party cadre has merged with our Party . We are a growing strong force in both Jammu and Kashmir regions.
Who among prominent faces have joined ?
We have the likes of energetic and dynamic Rakib ul Rashid in top Party role and senior face of South Kashmir like Kochak Sahib with us. Scores of intellectual faces from Jammu too are with our Party.
What are priorities of your Party?
I would like to state that biggest priority of our Party and my vision too is to unite the Jammu and Kashmir regions, as traditional political parties like National Conference, People’s Democratic Party, Congress etc have played politics of division. Our Party structure is such refreshing that we have Hindu from Jammu as Chief Patron, Muslim From Kashmir as President and Sikh as Chairman Minority cell President.
We also vow as top priority to restore the Statehood of Jammu and Kashmir as there has been brazen assault on our rights and unfortunately our crown Ladakh Separated from us.
Reports are doing round that your Party will support Bharat Jodo Yatra of Rahul Gandhi?
I am not supporting the Congress, but yes the spirit with which Rahul Gandhi has started the Yatra to unite the different communities of our great country, we definitely as a party support the Bharat Jodo Yatra.
Do you believe BJP is still strong countrywide ?
Without a doubt the Bhartiya Janta Party is strong all over country, with its government in scores of places. But yes the Bharat Jodo Yatra of Rahul Gandhi has given Congress new lease of energy and momentum. 2024 National elections would be much stiff.
What is the message from your Party?
We are a Party full of youth and apt experiences. In our Party there are honest and dedicated faces who are linked to grassroots and helping people always. We would like to request via your esteemed medium that people should give us one chance so that we change the face of Jammu and Kashmir towards betterment.

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