Land Grabbers Are Being Identified, Illegally Grabbed Land Is Being Retrieved

Why Is Omar Abdullah Feeling The Pain?

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National Conference vice president and former chief minister Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said that elections are not happening in Jammu and Kashmir because the administration is busy in retrieving the state lands from the people who have illegally grabbed it. According to him, the administration is harassing the people who had grabbed the state lands. Adding to his statement, Omar said, “Instead of applying balm to the wounds of people, the government seems to have a penchant to aggravate the hurt”.
Being a seasoned politician and former chief minister, these kinds of statements do not behove Omar. People follow him, thinking that he is their former representative and has their best interest at heart.
Most land grabbers were from political parties
But the fact is that Omar was at the helm of affairs, or other regional parties were at the helm of affairs in Jammu and Kashmir when the land grabbing took place.
The more interesting fact is that most of the land grabbers are the workers of these regional parties. It was their time to grab the state owned lands with the blessings of top party leadership.
Due to the non accountability and bigotry of the ruling political parties, the land grabbers carried on with rampant land encroachments. The ruling party leaders and workers would do whatever they wished, irrespective of the legality and non legality of any activity. They would indulge in corruption and nepotism openly through extortions. They would change the land records and the nature of the land that they encroached upon.
Commoners are happy with action against land grabbersToday, the spinning wheel has rotated. The commoners are happy that the perpetrators of crimes are now facing justice. The administration is tough against the land grabbers. The Administration is on the front foot to retrieve the state land from the claws of the encroachers.
The administration with their men and machinery has already started the land retrieval process. Because most of the land grabbers are the workers and supporters of the regional political parties, the political leaders are in deep pain.
It is evident from the recent statement of Omar Abdullah that he is not happy if the land is being taken back from the illegal occupants. He doesn’t seem to be satisfied with the action of the administration of land retrievals.
If taking back the property of the state is a kind of harassment, it is for him and his workers only. This is also true that those who had illegally encroached upon several kanals of statement would feel it as a jolt. It is understandable that he would cry, hesitate and would say bad things about the administration and would literally curse the law enforcement agencies.
But why would a leader like Omar Abdullah call the activity to retrieve the lands as harassment? It symbolises how past regimes have been mindfully pushing and encouraging the land grabbers to be on the path of looting the state’s wealth.
Why do our politicians sympathize with anti-state actors?
When Omar Abdullah was asked about the government’s decision to arm the village defence guards following the Ragouri attack, he said this was an admission by the government that its claims to the nation at the time of abrogation of Article 370 in 2019 had fallen flat.
I am reminded of the year 2016, when militancy poster boy Burhan Wani was killed in a brief encounter. Kashmir went into huge street protests and agitation. When the blood was spilling in the streets Omar Abdullah had tweeted, “Burhan Wani will create more militants from his grave than being alive”. Omar was also called out that the tweet is provocative and such texts would embolden militant sympathisers. It is quite disheartening that those who are meant to be prime stakeholders of state authority are synchronising with the line of the extremists.

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