Special National Level function on Renzushah ‘s Iconic Book “Cashmere Bear’s Throne’ international Chamber of Media & AAFT University of Media & Art

Renzushah awarded Prestigious 15th Global Film Festival Award for his Extraordinary Literary contribution as Cashmere Bear's throne by AAFT & ICME .

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New Delhi , Noida ,11th January Special National level programme was organised on the historic occasion of release of iconic Book of Khwaja Farooq Renzushah ,titled “Cashmere Bear’s Throne “by International Chamber of Media & Entertainment & AAFT University of Media & Art. The chancellor of AAFT University of Media & Art Dr.SandeepMarwah who had recently been Awarded by British parliament House of Lords for his Extraordinary contribution in enrichment of Literary treasure presided over the prestigious function in magnificent Marwah Auditorium . In his presidential address he lauded Khwaja Farooq Renzushah for coming up with such extraordinary book on Kashmir which has not only projected rich Civilizational character of Kashmir but presented in most lucid way how cosmic rays emerging from spiritual abodes of Reshies and shrines have vanished Bear’s who had devoured these civilizations for centuries .He said Novel writing is extraordinary art bestowed to rare creative talents by divinity .He said that with simultaneous release of Hard copies of Cashmere Bear’s Throne the access of this iconic historical novel has been provided to millions of readers throughout world through Amazon and Kindle by its publishing house Gulshan publications .
On this occasion galaxy of Authors ,writers and media creative talents were present .With the lightening of lamp special cultural and cinematic shows were presented . Khwaja Renzushah said that he will readily give consent to serious film makers who understand importance of Kashmir to convert iconic ” Cashmere Bear’s Throne” in Film episodes to be shot in Cashmere to project it’s high culture, spiritual music and sway of Sufi saints from time of Bulbulshah & shah Hamdan and other saints and Reshies till date .
Khwaja Farooq Renzushah was honoured with prestigious Global Film Festival Authors Award by chancellor of AAFT and president of international chamber of Media ,Dr.Sandeep Marwah and other dignitaries of Distinguished Chamber .
While speaking on the occasion Khwaja Farooq Renzushah appreciated International Media chamber and AAFT Media University for providing such prestigious platform to kashmiri Author to present his Book Cashmere Bear’s throne to international audience for reading and understanding importance of super sensitive subject called Kashmir .He said that he started work to write this book from the time he received applaud by name from present Prime Minister of India Sh.Narender Modi in vigyan Bhawan who is personally convinced with the fact that Kashmir is abode of knowledge and spirituality. Hel recalled how PM of India expressed his personal honour for first Sufi saint of Kashmir Hazrat Bulbul shah and put it in record in reply to presidential address in parliament of India that identity of Kashmir is Bulbul Shah, Shah Hamadan ,Nund Reshi and other Icons of Sufiyat ,love and unity .
Khwaja Renzushah said that he has worked hard for last 6 years on this super sensitive topic to reveal truth also and leave it to judgement of readers to identify such Bear’s who devoured and destroyed our five thousand years great culture of love, unity and peace .He said that he has made clear reference of 9 trunks of Kashmir treasure belonging to such great Reshies and saints which was seized at Doemail presently in PoK in 1937 and taken to Toshkhana . Renzushah also said that there is extraordinary mystery behind the perception created immediately after fall of Germany in second world war that Jesus is present in Rozabal shrine .He said there is no book or any research report from time of kalhana ,huin song Azam ,Daeda Mari or GM.D Sufi that Jesus was in Rozabal khanyar .He said that India Today London star and other recent revelation indicate about most dangerous person of world had not committed suicide but escaped to chitral where he had basis and crossed to Kashmir .He said to solve similar such mysteries of Kashmir his book , cashmere Bear’s throne will enlighten readers of such events and characters which they have not dreamed earlier .He said that he has presented various characters which can identify them but never named them so that creativity of Novel remains directed only towards positive vision of triumph of spirituality on which every citizen of our country ,Hindi,Muslim ,Sikh, Christian or Budhist have unanimous faith .The cashmere roads and lanes lead towards main paths of Spirituality .He complimented young , energetic literary figures,film makers and persons of art who had come in large number in interactive session also .Earlier Khwaja Farooq Renzushah was awarded by international Chamber of Media at Indo Uzbek cultural event .The Book release function today was followed by press conference addressed by Author of book Cashmere Bear’s throne Khwaja Farooq Renzushah attended by press all around nation .The TV 9 also conducted special national and international level interview of author of the book cashmere Bear’s Throne which highlighted further aspects of the book .While replying to question about Mystery of Jesus grave in Kashmir ,Khwaja Farooq Renzushah said that name of Jesus was used to provide safe hide out to German Fugitive as there is no record in any historical chronical about Jesus Grave in Kashmir .He said cashmere Bear’s throne indicate very specific manner who was kept in hiding there and how Bear’s were mustering power in second world war time in Kashmir .

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