Keep it simple and Combat Fear : Mayaa SH, Globally renowned Author

Mayaa SH is a world famous author from India especially on contemporary literature . She is an author, intellectual and philosophical mind of par excellence.

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Tell us about your early childhood days?
The earliest moments of childhood are important and their impact lasts a lifetime. The first eight years of childhood are extremely important, especially the first three years. This time is the foundation for future health, growth and development. Children learn faster during this time than at any other time. Babies and children develop more quickly and learn more quickly when they receive love and affection, attention, encouragement and mental stimulation, as well as nutritious food and good health care. Children’s feelings are real and powerful. Children may become frustrated if they are unable to do something or get what they want. Children are often afraid of strangers or of the dark. Children who are laughed at, punished for their antics may grow up to be shy and unable to express their feelings normally. If caregivers are patient and empathetic towards the feelings of children, they are more likely to grow up happy, safe and balanced. I have been lucky as my parents encouraged the fact that each child is unique, and parents and caregivers need to embrace and celebrate this.
How was academic life like ?
The fact that the education system in the world prepares for exams is absolutely true in the contextual scope of setting the foundation of any learning methodology .Experience is the first step in the learning process.Lawrence Kohlberg is known for his research in the ethological field of development. Kohlberg’s theory of moral development is a theory that focuses on how children develop morality and moral reasoning. Kohlberg’s theory suggests that moral development occurs in a series of six stages and that moral logic is primarily focused on seeking and maintaining justice.Learning is a process of progressive adjustment in behaviour. At school I was always a meritorious student .As elucidated by Swami Vivekananda “ Education develops the inherent potential in a person to perfection ” was quintessentially the focus area for me . The lower level of the cognitive domain is knowledge.Moving from the whole to the part is based on the Gestalt principle is what I have personally believed in .
A bit about your literary journey?
My literary journey has been set on a basic rule of Keep it Simple through my writinngs primarily based on contemporary aspects .The reason being people wish to connect with something that connects them to th erealsitic scenarios in life . Well-defined, realistic, and highly developed characters are important in classifying a written work as contemporary, and most writing in this category features stories that are more character driven than plot driven. I was driven to rght continuously to aspire to inspire millions of women across the country and globe to allow them to believe in themselves first and to instill self belief that every individual is unique and god gifted in his or her ability to unleash true potential.If we learn to respect ourselves firstly and endeavour to carve a journey for ourselves , then sky is the limit .There is no limitation in life except for underestimating one’s true potential .Our life has a purpose , we must seek to understand first who we are than to be understood by others and requiring any validation with respect to unshackle anything that is holding us back.
Something on your world records?
World Records to me are an extension to dive deep into the intelligentsia of how anything is not impossible .The word impossible says that “I am possible” .These records are set to inspire all to believe in the zeal to succeed in one’s life in one’s own accord or definition of personal goals that every person sets for himself or herself. There is no such thing like ultimate world record etc .Life is a series of summation of all experiences , we must look at ways to assemble our understanding by curating concets around it for oneself and record it in a unique manner very akin to how it is believed that the universe has recorded the primordial sound of creation. It is the original vibration of the universe.
Your favourite authors?
Jane Austen has been my favourite author .She was an early feminist and was truly inspirational on highlighting Morality, characterized by manners, duty to society and religious seriousness, is a central theme of Austen’s works. Pride and Prejudice” is Jane Austen’s most popular novel, earning nearly two million five-star reviews on Goodreads and selling over 20 million copies since its publication in 1813. Vikram Seth is another diasporic writer and he is a postmodern poet who loves to write in the classical style. Vikram Seth novels manage present social situation, social changes, and the social transformation. The socio-social foundation of the novels drives the perusers to break down genuine authentic foundation of the nation.
What topics you like to write?
The writing blocks verbalize about person’s life however it speaks to the whole human methodology towards the society. In undeniable reality, writing molds the mentality of the society and it draws the philosophy and mind of society. Most of my writings are contemporary in nature focussing on reality-based stories with strong characters and a believable story.
Has internet hit our reading habits?Undeniably yes ,while technology is a blessing however ,the habit of reading books is important as it focusses on good retention skills and improvises on communication skills .Reading is a form of language processing and it decodes expressions of life to add value and meaning to life altruistically.
Your future goals?
My future goals are mapped with the most simplistic aspects of working for the people all across the globe for humanitarian causes and to restore peace and kindness . I do not overthink but set my perspectives on the end endeavour and keep Stephen Covey’s “Begin with the End in Mind” principle aligned in my mind.
Your message?
Keep it Simple and Combat Fear is the philosophy that underlies my thought processes that my craft focusses on . Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 keys of success is something that one must read on and believe to carve a niche for himself or herself as being successful in one’s own set benchmarks or rules in life .

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