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We were blank like an A4 size paper page when we came to this world. In fact this world is full of fun, sorrows, excitements, emotions, sentiments, full of strange things, full of lofty objects and the world is full of mysterious stories and all that we have to observe and notice with the passing of every moment. In our surroundings there are a number of stories related to a particular person. It depends how much we are taking things seriously and how much we observe them keenly.
Every event, every happening, every serendipity, every accidental hazard. Behind all this there is a super power/force of almighty Allah. So everything is being controlled by some spiritual power. Life, death, health, any disorder is the blessing of almighty Allah. We humans are dependent even for a little piece of food, a drop of water, breath of Oxygen and in short this world is full of observation for those who look at them carefully and keenly.
Today on 09th of January-2023 we have lost a gem. We have lost a scholar, poet, critic, translator, writer, a good teacher, a great patriot, and a renowned, prominent poet professor Rahman Rahi sahib. Rahman Rahi Sahib born in Srinagar’s Downton (Nowshera) area on 6th of May 1925. Rahi sahab contributed to Kashmiri literature and bestowed the heights to it. As Kashmiri language is getting certain heights day by day throughout the globe because of the dedicated work of our great educationist. Rehman Rahi is one among them and has an immense role in boosting the Kashmir culture through his poetry.
Rahi sahab was awarded a number of prestigious national awards for his unforgettable contribution in various fields and every Kashmir will remember him for forever and promote his literature work among every single individual. Rehman Rahi is the only Kashmir writer awarded the ‘’Jnanpith Award’’, one of the highest literary awards, awarded in the country for his poetic collection ‘’Siyah Rood Jaeren Manz’’. Rahi Sahab was also awarded with a number of prestigious awards for his great contribution to literature, poetry etc.
But unfortunately we lost him, his great contribution always helps us in various ways. I salute Rahi sahab’s work, contribution, dedication which he has dedicated for the country. May almighty Allah grant him the highest place in Jannah (Ameen). With the grace of almighty Rehman Rahi Sahab’s literature will be available in school libraries, colleges, public libraries and every bit will be kept under safe hands. As our new generation lacks the knowledge of our towering, prominent and great scholars who have done great roles in uplifting the education sector in several ways, we are getting benefits today because of their great contribution for their country.
During the school period most among us get motivated through their teachers, friends towards some extraordinary work. Some trying to become poet because gets inspired by the renowned poet like Allama Iqbal (ra), Mirza Asad ullah khan Ghalib, Mir Taki Mir, Arsh etc. every poet has contributed for the sake of humanity and for the sake of their mother land where they spent their childhood days, spent their great memories, lived their life.
In childhood days Rehman Rahi Sahab showing little interest to studies but fortunately one day when he was in 9th standard he opened Urdu text book and got inspired by the Allah Iqbal (ra) poetry “ Maa Ka Khawb” source (recorded in Rehman Rahi sahib interview with radio Kashmir). Rehman Rahi used poetic title as “RAHI” as every poet do.Suggestion: in our Kashmir valley our present generation is full of potential, full of positive energy so it is our turn to mould our youth towards the right path and motivate them towards righteous activities so that our future will be in safe hands. We have observed the interest of our young buds and mould them accordingly. As there is great scope in a number of fields like poetry, literature work etc. we are supposed to make things very convenient for our young generation so that they will get good results in future and play pivotal roles for their country. Rahman Rahi made his name a brand in Kashmir valley for the last couple of decades and everyone knows him by his great contribution towards the literature, his write ups, for his critics. But again it is very unfortunate that Kashmir has lost its crown and it will take centuries to produce such a great towering poet in the valley. In Sha ALlah we hope for the best and wish to the almighty that every gap may fill soon and bestow us with immense patience so that we will contribute in the upliftment of our nation in all aspects.
Rahi sahab’s loss is quite irreparable and it will take us centuries to fill this gap. Day by day we are lacking the grip. We are heading away from our culture. These days western culture prevails due to our negligence and the day is not way when may almighty save us. The day is not far when we lose our real identity and adopt the culture of western. It will be so destructive for us and we will lose our real ethics, morals and so many other things. Our culture is safe because of the great, towering personalities like Rahman Rahi sahb and other great personalities who left us very soon. May almighty grant them the highest place in Jannat.

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