Yahan ke youth ko ho kya gaya hai? Ye generation kahan ja rahi hai?

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So often, I am pained to see the youth around me. They are not engaged in anything productive. Fortunately, there is still a small number of youth who get serious about studies. They get serious about studies, about academics or they begin something productive so that they are able to build their life, build their career.

Many of our brilliant boys and girls feel that they can’t stay in the atmosphere that we have here. They go to other states.

Are The Youth Making Themselves Employable?

A large majority of our youth is not doing anything which will build their life. They are not engaged with academics, or with sports, or learning any skills which will help them. We keep hearing the complaints about lack of employment. But how many of our youth are actually trying to make themselves employable?

The internet offers the youth so much scope for learning. Since the last three years, we don’t have internet shutdowns also. Are the youth equipping themselves so that they gain employment, or they are able to start something of their own? But we all keep complaining that there is no employment.

Our youth don’t have direction. That is why they get into wrong activities.

Our Collective Responsibility

It is the collective responsibility of all of us to educate our youth about development, how to build their future, how to be responsible citizens and responsible children of their parents.

I feel sad to see that many youngsters of Kashmir seem to have no consciousness of the future. I have seen the youngsters from some other states. They are not confused like the youth of Kashmir. Yahan ke youth fizool mein pareshan hain.

Most of our youngsters rarely get involved in any gainful activities. Even if they have a family business, they will not get involved in it. Many of them get into drugs, or they get into guns. Insaan pareshan hota hai. Yahan ke ladkon ko ho kya gaya hai. Ye generation kahan ja rahi hai?

God helps those who help themselves. We all need to educate our youth that guns or heroin, brown sugar is not the solution. We all have to be consistent with hard work, with patience we you want to achieve your goals.

We Need More Productive Campaigns For The Youth

We must seriously focus on the children who are in early teens or who are not teenagers yet. We have to tell them to focus on their development, on their responsibility towards the society and the nation. We have to take our society and nation forward. We have to produce scholars, scientists, mathematicians, musicians, thinkers.

The UT Administration must organize productive campaigns. We have to give direction to our youth. Many local neta do only bhashan baazi. They don’t have any real roadmap for the youth. Our youth is vehla, whiling away their time.

They pick up charas, ganja. They pick up the gun. Drugs are cheap here. Everybody is getting into it. Some are users, some are suppliers. They think that drugs are life. Finally some of them end up saying – we will pick up the gun.

This is not how we are supposed to live. If you want to be king, you have to bring about positive changes in yourself to achieve what you want.

The Almighty has given us precious life. We must do something good with it. We haven’t come only to make an Aaadhar Card and one day leave this earth. We have to do some real good in life so that future generations remember us.

Pakistan Wants Ki Yahan Ka Youth Charas Phoonkta Rahey, Azadi Azadi Karta Rahe
Pakistan exploits our youth for their political benefit. If our youth study, they will be visionaries. They will become scientists, mathematicians, thinkers.
But Pakistan doesn’t want that. Pakistan wants our youth to be engaged only with hartal, strike, stone pelting. The best way Pakistan can achieve this is if they keep our youth as fools who are not committed to anything constructive.
That is why Pakistan supplies drugs here. It is Pakistan’s political policy. They want to paralyze the minds of the youth of Kashmir, so that they don’t go towards education. They want ki yahan ka youth charas phoonkta rahey, azadi azadi karta rahe, hartal karta rahe.
I feel so happy and relieved when I see that that some of our youngsters are studying, or pursuing careers. Unfortunately, so many of them are taking charas, ganja. They have no vision, no ability to look at the future.
Why is Pakistan supplying charas here? So that they can keep telling our youth – tere par zulm ho raha hai, tu gun utha. Now the mentality has become such. Take drugs, do pathar baazi. Our youth only want pleasure. They want hartals so that there are muft holidays and they can sit at home. Our children need counseling. They have to be told – you have to do something good in your life.

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