Overuse of internet has harmed reading habits : Sujata Paul, Poetess

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Indian eminent trilingual poetess Sujata Paul was born on December 24 at Jadabpur, Kolkata, India.
By profession she is a teacher but writing is her passion.

She is a regular contributor of different National and International E Magazines. Her poetries, articles and proses have been published in different national and international journals and anthologies.

Her creative writings are witnessed by the special anthologies like “Tranquil Muse,” Spilling Essences, Vasudha, , Queen, “The Spirit of India, SIPAY, Thy Name is Not Woman, Florets of Fancy, My Tears, Petals of Peace, Great Women of India, Sunehra Sparsh and so on.

She has published three poetry books, named WHISPER OF MY SOUL and SARANG in English and ASTITWA in Bengali.

She has been conferred Sahitya Academy Award, 2020 and 2021 by Gujrat Sahitya Academy in collaboration with the Motivationa lStrips. She has also been awarded Literoma Nari Samman Award by The Spirit Mania in 2020. She is also the recipient of the Literary Excellence Award by Suryodaya Literary Foundation, 2020. she has been awarded with the honour “Order of Shakespeare Medal” in 2021.

She is a Founder of Creative Tripura, a literary community group. She is a talk show host of her own channel, Creativity is Intelligence Sp.
In an exclusive interview with the Heaven Mail, she talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

A bit about your childhood and academic days?
I spent my childhood days in kolkata, The City of Joy. After 12 years of my parents marriage I was born, hence I was apple of eyes to them. And another worth mentioning fact is that even at the age of four, I couldn’t talk properly and my parents thought that I will be dumb and finally with broken heart when they consulted with the speech surgeon, he informed that it was all due to my tinnier uvula.
Did post graduation from Tripura University. Presently working as a Teacher in a Govt. School.
A bit on your journey as an Author ?
I have authored three poetry books. Whisper of My Soul and Sarang in English and ASTITWA in Bengali.
Who is your favorite Author?
I can’t pinpoint a single author of my favourite ones as there are so many authors from whom I have learnt a lot. Like World famous poet, Rabindranath Tagore, Charles Dickens, Sarat Chanda Chatterjee, R. K Narayan ,Chaucer etc.
What are your favourite topics to write?
I always love to write the topics or things of real life or the happenings surrounding us which awaken, inspire and motivate us all. Sometimes though I compose different topics too like having children, women and love etc.
Your take on scope of writing in India?
There are vast scope of writing in India. With the advancement of technology, beside p books, so many websites and blogs are there to write and share one’s works.
Has overuse of internet hit our reading habits?
Of course overuse of Internet has been harming the reading habits. Students or the senior readers as well find more interest in online engagement like watching movies, listening music, chatting, making audios or videos rather reading offline or online. This should never be encouraged though.
Your message?
My message to the readers is that we are the most developed creature of God. Many men many mind. We are connected with the whole world through the social media. So everyone should encourage one another and not to degrade ever to prove that we are unique, we are co operative and supportive as well

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