Kashmiri Youth Who Are Seeking Social Change Need Hand-Holding Of The Govt

They work to de-radicalize the radicalized youth, their sole motive is 'Save the youth’

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The current phase of recession has put many among the young generation of the world in a state of depression, anxiety, and dejection. The aspiring youth feel downcast and inclined towards narcotics and suicide.

The world was hit by Covid in 2020 and went into complete lockdown. The people working as technicians, professionals, managerial roles, laborers etc in foreign countries returned to their homes. When the restrictions were lifted from all parts of the world, it was found that the economic and financial conditions of many countries had suffered. Hundreds of manufacturing and other multinational companies went bankrupt. The bankruptcy resulted in a huge financial crisis in all parts of the world. It all happened so fast that no one could find an alternate way to gain economic and financial stability.

Impact Of Loss Of Jobs

Inflation and reduction of currency value has only contributed to the closure of many small scale and some big companies and industries. At many places, the youth were fired from their jobs. Thereafter, this young and energetic manpower could not find any alternative to make ends meet. Many among the young generation are jobless and went into depression. Some jobless have started taking drugs, some have chosen thefts, some picked up weapons against the state, some have ended their lives.

In Kashmir, Covid has not been the prime factor for causing depression among the youth. Though Covid may have been a factor but it has not been the primary cause for hopelessness and sadness among the local youth.

Past Regimes In State Cheated The Youth

The Kashmir youth is hardworking, educated, technically sound, professional and aspiring for a bright future. But the past regimes made our youth lose their track. The previous regimes in Jammu and Kashmir have alienated the Kashmir youth and have made them choose terrorism and deaths as their fate. The political leaders of Jammu and Kashmir accommodated their friends, relatives, nears and dears, kiths and kin in the various government departments via nepotism, favouritism and back door entries.

The common masses had no routes to create a channel with the political horses. They could not find their names in the job selection lists. This made the youth furious and they did not show any trust in the government. The youth went into depression. They chose drugs, terrorism and other bitter ways in order to vent their frustration.

Our Youth Are Coming Forward To Save Future Generations

Since the Kashmir youth were watching the blurred images of their futures, Pakistan pumped in radicalisation that made the Kashmir youth remain alienated. But despite this discouraging environment, thousands of our youth managed to remain unaffected by violence. They chose their own path. Even now, these youths continuously work to deradicalize the other radicalized youth. They organize public programs, online debates and take other initiatives to involve the young generations. These programs have the sole motive of ‘Saving the youth’.

They organise sports tournaments, so that the youths can save their minds from toxicity and work towards goal oriented lives. This will save them from drug abuse, becoming cannon fodder in the line of terrorism and picking up arms against the state. These young activists need hand holding and support at all levels of the administration so that they can work in an even better way in the future.

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