Home Tuition is best : Manzoor Ahmad Bhat, Head Phoneix Home Tuition

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Manzoor Ahmad Bhat also known as Famously Manzoor Sultan is a brain behind the concept of Home Tuition in Kashmir. He is a prolific Math teacher and always interested in academic activity . He runs his home Tuition services by name of Phoneix Coaching Institute.
In an exclusive interview with Heaven Mail he talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.
What prompted you to start Home Tuition services in Kashmir?
I stayed in Jammu for many winters and found home tuition thriving there, I too used to give home tuition there. I got idea that the need of home tuition is direly felt in Kashmir too , and finally gave it practical shape in year 2009. I never looked back, and home tuition outlook of mine thrived.
How many teachers are with your Home tuition effort?
We at Phoneix have more than 100 dedicated teachers giving home tuition in different areas of Kashmir .
What criteria you use to select a teacher?
We do rigorous interviews of teachers and select those for home tuition who are highly dedicated, intelligent and no criminal record. We also try to ensure only those teachers are selected that are punctual.
Which areas are you currently catering ?
Well this is a good question, we at Phoneix are in Districts of Ganderbal, Budgam, Srinagar, Pulwama and trying to expand to other districts of Kashmir.
What are improvements you see in students after home tuition?
The improvements are looked from many angles, we review performance of teachers and this is done by checking the progress of students in his or her studies. We often see marked improvements in students in basic concepts. If we find teacher failing to do his or her duty we immediately get them out of our fold.
What are your own forte as teacher ?
My own strength is that I Have been able to improve math skills of many students, as students feel I am a very good Math teacher. I also try my level best to teach subjects like English and Science.
What are the problems faced in Home tuition sector ?
It is again a very valid question. Actually, the biggest problem we are facing is that some unprofessional and below average are trying to venture in Home Tuition services. All this would harm the reputation of professional efforts like ours too. Both Government and society needs to keep a Check on such elements and not to let unprofessional and dull persons do home tuition.
What is your message ?
Our message is that in order to give your child the individual attention ,also save the time of ward and also keep them away from vices the Home tuition is best. Recently even a prominent person of Kashmir told us this might be bit expensive but has far more merits for students and parents.
Lastly, Describe more about Phoneix Home Tuition?
Well, as world today is getting more and more interconnected due to the globalization, progression of a nation will depend on its ability to compete by global standards.
Phoneix Home Tuition not only Don’s to clock technology and changing methods of teaching but also restructure its teachers by adopting transparent techniques and new methods of teaching. It is a traditional method , teacher created method and procedure actually leapfroging to help your Wards achieve excellence.
We are extremely indebted to parents

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