Jammu and Kashmir Media council professional journalistic endeavor to flourish Media institution in Jammu and Kashmir

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Jammu and Kashmir Media Council is a mega professional amalgam of scores of journalists to work for the betterment of journalist community in Jammu and Kashmir, formed recently. It is aim is to reestablish atmosphere of Media ethics in Jammu and Kashmir, keep at bay unethical elements .
Those who have been black spots on Journalism are frustrated with JK Media council and are also not liking  this historic effort. These unprofessional elements had been parroting anti national and corruption in name of journalism,but with Jammu and Kashmir Media council promoting  nationalism, secularism and humanity through power of pen the rot is going to be cleaned from Journalism.
Now some loud mouths saying why ruling party members were invited in recent mega Media Conclave held in Lalchowk Srinagar need to understand Journalism is bridge between people and Government.
One needs to bear in mind that mega Media Conclave which  was held today at Lalchowk SRINAGAR to discuss main issues faced by the media of Kashmir especially with reference to working Journalists and owners of media institutions.
Eminent Journalist and Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board member Suhail Kazmi, the BJP J&K spokesperson and head of party’s Policy Research department Thakur Abhijeet Jasrotia, eminent BJP leader  Surinder  Ambardar ,  Prominent Journalist and Editor in Chief Heaven Mail Iqball Ahmad and well known Journalist Arshid Mir dawned the occasion.
The wave of happiness is in professional journalists of Jammu and Kashmir as burning issues faced by Media were discussed .
On the occasion, fixing of minimum wages to working Journalists and providing them all important Provident Fund and insurance cover was demanded in one voice.
On the other hand issues faced by owners and editor in Chief’s especially with respect to disparity in the Government advertisements were discussed and justice for same was demanded.
The Media Conclave also stressed upon the Government to make Kashmir press club functional for betterment of media institution in Jammu and Kashmir, and let capable brains run it.
While speaking on  occasion Mr Surinder  Ambardar Former MLC and  BJP leader  talked at length on history, Mystics identity of Kashmir, he lambasted all political, separatist and Pak sponsored leader  who legitimised Violence and promotes false Ecosystems. He said it is the media fraternity which is do course corrections to polluted narrative.
He said Modi ji philosophy of One Nation one Goal is way ahead .
Mr Abijeet Jasrotia  State spokesperson and Prabari  Social Media emphatically  conveyed that Media  men working for  transformation of positivity will be rewarded and will uphold the  hands of right meaning media groups  . Apprising that Modi ji mission is bring comprehensive developments for which media should  play complimentary role.
The participants in unison vowed to fight for the issues faced by the Journalist community of Jammu and Kashmir.
In Nutshell,  Jammu and Kashmir Media Council would continue its journey of excellence to help flourishing of interests of Journalist community of Jammu and Kashmir. We would also give through our power of pen new dimensions to the humanity values in Kashmir.
Jammu and Kashmir Media council is determined to promote Journalism of responsibility wherein there are facts not fake news.

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