Listen to your heart:Daizy Sonal Mishra, Eminent Dancer and Baker

An eminent Dancer renowned for her dancing skills and also emerging dance teacher , Daizy Sonal Mishra is a name to recon with. In an exclusive interview with the Heaven Mail, she talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

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A bit about your early days?
Likewise any ordinary girl I too had ordinary lifestyle.
I’m into dancing since childhood. From doing stage performances to school functions I was always the centre heart of all the event and shows.
My mother and sister are the only one behind what I’m Today and they helped me to Chase my dream without any other hurdles.
 What brought you to dancing world?
Since I was a child I wasn’t afraid of camera facing and audience.
When I was in kindergarten I took part in annual function at my school. That was different school named as central academy. My teachers and family noticed that I have some special kind of moves and confidence on the stage.
My teachers appreciated and my family wanted me to take parts in others functions too!
Lastly here’s the first step I put up in dance world.
How was academic life like ?
I did my my schooling From city Montessori school Rajendra Nagar lucknow. I was an average student who was mild in studies but far better in other curriculum activities.
I was the part of all the dance functions. But yes an upper average student in holistic terms.
Which is your favourite dance?
My favourite dance is which I performed in dance competition on song “Aa Hi Jaiye
Song by Anuradha Sriram”. I received a red rose from the judges and First prize.
Second was the mash-up on the songs of “Helen mam”.
Your  Favourite dancers ?
I am thoroughly following the dance routines of “Nora fatehi” nowadays.
She’s simply  remarkable.
Rest I’m big fan of Michael Jackson
and some other bollywood actors and Choreographers!
How much is  dance Essential for happy life!
Nowadays you see, people are depressed, upset and  being sad in there own lifestyle.
Dance is not only the art but also an emotion  which uplifts your thoughts and mental state.
It not only keeps you physically fit but also it refreshes your mental state leaving you relaxed and fun loving.
Your future goals ?
My future goals is to be a dance teacher while being a owner of bakery and cafe I want to be  a dance teacher too.
I want to  teach my dance routines and help people learn some good moves and be confident in each aspect.
No matter what language they speak no matter what size they are dance is the best stress buster for all of them.
A bit on your conjoined ideas of bakery and dance academy?
Basically, I’m running bakery conjoined with my dance academy.
This is purely some modern thought to run a bakery with joined dance academy.
Where I sell cakes pastries and other fast foods like pizza and burgers and meanwhile I also run my dance classes there too.
I also shot some of my professional dance videos there.
I always wanna be special one in whole crowd so working on my unique working combo.
Your message ?
Don’t listen to the people around you .
Just listen to your heart and do your best.
Doesn’t matter what size color, creed,  caste etc you are just pour your heart out and be the best in which ever field you are.
Life is a precious gift don’t waste it!

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