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Script that Brings Light To A Dark life

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The wealth of knowledge is the greatest thing. There have been many such factors in our country, due to which the doors of knowledge have remained closed for many people. The struggle to open those doors has also been multi-faceted, especially for people with disabilities.

There was a time when people believed that blind people would never learn to read. The common thought was that one could read only by looking at the letters written on the book with the eyes. But people of alternative thinking and action find a way. Louis Braille, a boy from France, was also thinking differently.


Louis Braille of France developed Braille script


Louis, who became blind at the age of three, wanted to study differently. Due to blindness, he had recognized the closed doors of knowledge. He determined that he would find the key to the closed door not only for himself but for every blind person.

The story of the invention of Braille script dates back to the early years of the 19th century. Louis Braille was born on January 4, 1809, in a poor family in Coupre, a village in France. His father Mr. Simon Braille used to make horse saddles and jeans. One day when he was working at his workplace.

Three-year-old Louis began playing with a needle used to pierce leather, the tip of which suddenly pierced Louis’ right eye. Gradually Louis became blind in both eyes. The first few days of his blindness were very difficult for Louis. But gradually Louis adapted to the circumstances and started living a normal life in a different way. He started going to school with his friends.

Louis’s blindness was noticed by the teachers at school. To compensate, he was taught through tactile and auditory experience. Due to being intelligent and creative, Louis progressed in studies. But despite this there were obstacles.


Dream of inventing a new script


The family had come to know that Louis was interested in studies. He was sent to the world’s first blind school for blind children run by Valentine Howe in Paris. Students were taught by Howe to identify the general shapes of letters by embossing them on a thick paper and recognizing them with the touch of a finger.

The basis of the education of the blind was rote learning. When Louis grew up, he was hired as an assistant teacher in the same school. In his student life, Louis had realized that Howe’s method was not very useful for the blind.

The dream of inventing a new script had taken birth in his mind. Coincidentally, in those days, a night writing method was demonstrated in his school. Charles Barbier, the creator of this method, developed this method for soldiers, so that they could read messages by touch even in the dark of night.


Braille was inspired by a night script for soldiers


As soon as he listened to that lecture, the way to create a complete script started appearing in front of Louis. Louis understood the theoretical difference between the methods of Howe and Barbier. At night in the Louis school hostel, he used to make letters with dots on thick paper and during the day he would identify them with his friends. While working the whole night, the night’s work would be discussed during the day and the errors that came to the fore, would be tried to be rectified again at night. By this method, Louis quickly learned the alphabet, punctuation marks, mathematics, etc. of the French language.

Louis developed the script to read and write the language. He also worked on the musical score scripts for years. In this way, he completed his work by the year 1825 and his first book of Braille script was published in 1829 with details of alphabet and punctuation etc.

This tactile script, known worldwide as Braille script, is based on six points. It has two vertical lines in which there are three points each. Different combinations of these dots can make up to 63 symbols, which are used for a variety of symbols, including letters, numbers, and punctuation.


Global spread of Braille


Who knew that someday a simple and blind person like Louis Braille would be a man of history. But with the new idea and hard work to implement it, Louis did it. The same needle as the stylus that had made Louis blind, he used to punch into the paper to raise the dots.

The global spread of Braille script did not happen during the lifetime of Louis Braille. It was used in Paris, but it could not get formal approval even in his own school during his lifetime. Of course, students were informally allowed to read and write in Braille. Some books were also published in Braille script. Later that script was not only recognized as Braille script, but the symbols of all the languages of the world were standardized.

Louis died on January 6, 1852, but he lit a lamp for the entire blind society. It will always bring them out of the darkness and will continue to brighten up their life with the light of knowledge.

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