Dhangri Massacre is crime against humanity: Thakur Abhijeet Jasrotia 

Thakur Abhijeet Jasrotia is an eminent youth politician of Jammu and Kashmir, and prominent face of Bhartiya Janta Party BJP. He is Spokesperson, Incharge Policy Research Department and Prabhari Social Media Department of the party

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In an exclusive interview with the Heaven Mail, he talks to Iqball Ahmad.
Your take on the recent  Dhangri Rajouri Massacre ?
Dhangri massacre is a crime against humanity.  Innocent men, women and children  have been killed in this heinous act of terror. Our souls are pained beyond a point by this massacre.  No words are enough to condemn this dastardly act of terror. It is an ploy of our evil neighbor Pakistan  to bleed us by thousand cuts after losing three direct wars against us. But, we will give a befitting reply and prepartors  of this heinous act would be brought to justice soon.
But are there internal forces also behind these acts of terrorism?
If you look at global history of terror in no region of world the terrorism has lasted more than 5 or ten years,  but only in Jammu and Kashmir it has lasted more than 30 years and it is due to the fact that forces within Jammu and Kashmir brainwashed or motivated have helped to sustain this ecosystem of terror.  It was the separatist forces which were behind this game of terror which we have dealt aptly . The other factor has been dynasty parties have also been in hand and gloves with terror, they rigged elections of 1987 gave rise to terrorism. Farooq Abdullah was chief Minister in 1987, he along with the then PM Rajiv Gandhi and Home Minister Buta Singh were responsible for this Faisco. When winning candidates were declared losers the rigging helped Pakistan after 40 years in 1987 to launch its nefarious designs in forms of brutal terror in Jammu and Kashmir.
The rigged elections of 1987 in Jammu and Kashmir shook the faith of youth of Jammu and Kashmir in democratic institutions and laid foundation of very unfortunate chapter in history of Jammu and Kashmir.  Even honorable intellect and former Governor the Late Jagmohan ji had mentioned in his book Titled Frozen Turbulence that even some eminent politicians of Jammu and Kashmir had asked their workers to get arms and ammunition from Pakistan and wreck havoc in Jammu and Kashmir.
Kashmiri Pandits and a section of Hindu community feels that by these continued killings by terrorists the ruling BJP has failed to protect them . Your take ?
No doubt even a single killing is pain to our soul . The realities are changing for better, the BJP lead Government has been successful in reducing the acts of terror by 168 percent and stone pelting which had almost become a daily deadly trade in Jammu and Kashmir for many years  has vanished.  It is an unfortunate reality of our times that even the most powerful countries are not hundred percent free from terror.
We are confident that by giving harsh reply to our demonic neighbor Pakistan and checking the nefarious internal forces we would wipe terror from Jammu and Kashmir soon.
The talk of reviving Village Defense Committee, your take?
VSCs have played a major role against terror, they too were ignored by the erstwhile State Governments as their arms were snatched and salaries stopped, we are doing every bit to protect their interests. We can’t also but forget the historic sacrifices by security forces against terror.

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