Fire Incidents A Matter Of Concern In The Valley

Improper Use Of Heating Gadgets Or Lack Of Care Increases Risk Of Fire

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Improper Use Of Heating Gadgets Or Lack Of Care Increases Risk Of Fire

The winters in Kashmir brought along tough and harsh days and nights. With the dip in the daily temperatures and frozen weather, people have to make heavy use of heating devices.

From the old traditional kangri to modern heating devices every single heating item has a risk factor. The electric heating devices make the winter more bearable, but they increase the risk of fire incidents in the valley.

Judicious use of heating devices essential

The power lines which generally have low voltage get heavily loaded. The electric devices get heated and at times they catch fire. The winter has dry air and the moisture content in the air is low. The fodder for animals which Kashmiris store in bulk around their houses easily catches fire with just a spark. The houses nearby get into flames and result in loss of property and sometimes lives.

The urbanization and townships of Kashmir has also increased the fire risks. The closely constructed houses without fire gaps spread the fire in less time. The fire engulfs houses and commercial complexes thus damaging the assets and properties in crores. Usually every person wants that in harsh winters the hardships should ease. Everyone makes use of heating devices. Sometimes the person forgets to turn off the heating gadgets which put a heavy load on electric wires. In these cases too, the connecting flexible cables of the heating gadgets get heated up and turn to flames.

Fire Brigade staff has to be on constant alert

With the increasing use of gas heaters and heating devices, we are hearing of fire incidents on the rise in kashmir. The fire fighters remain on toes to extinguish the fire in the locality. “Usually everyone in kashmir thinks that in winters the fire fighters remain idle, but we know we put on uniforms before dawns remain standing throughout the day and night. Sometimes we receive multiple distress calls of fire incidents in our jurisdiction,” said Fayaz Ahmed, a fire man in the fire and emergency department.

In earlier times too, rampant fire incidents had been reported from the valley. In past times the roofs of the houses were made of grass and straw. The dried grass catches fire easily. The fire had been spreading at very fast speed because at that time less concrete was used in kutcha houses. The houses were made mainly of mud and wood. Though mud was fire resistant but had no power to extinguish the house fires. Moreover, the food was also cooked on mud Chulas which remained lit throughout the day. The ashes and the sparks which usually went up the house spread on the dry grasses, which in turn gave rise to house fires.

Houses should have fire extinguishers

The people while constructing their palatial houses forget and ignore to leave the fire gaps with the other houses. The greed to occupy the area proportional increases the threat to losses during fire mishaps and other calamities. People should always make their home layouts with necessary fire gaps and should always construct their houses with necessary fire extinguishers. There should be an emergency water storage tank fitted with high pressure water pumps and the pipe hoses should be distributed in the locality so that if in future any fire incident happens the locals immediately make use of the fire extinguish water pipe hoses.

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