Flashback of five best interviews of year 2022

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By Rameez Makhdoomi

Heaven Mail Did scores of Interviews in year 2022.
In this last edition we take a flashback of our five best interviews.

Syed Irfan Hashmi, socio political Activist and Career Counsellor :

I believe the two most burning issues faced by people at large in Kashmir is the issue of often electricity cuts that makes life difficult especially in winters and the issue of ugly traffic Jams across Jammu and Kashmir which makes commuting from one place to another very difficult.”
Ambreen Nawaz, Young women Entrepreneur:” My
message to the young entrepreneurs would be that they’ve chosen the right field. It just requires utter dedication and passion to succeed. This is one of the ways we can curb unemployment in Kashmir and pave a path for the rest to follow and excel. I would also like to mention that clothing brand entrepreneurship can be a way of promoting our culture and tradition . I myself have been dealing with traditional attires like embroidered Pherans . Introducing Kashmiri art and culture into your business can definitely serve as a cherry on top. I wish all the young entrepreneurs success in their respective ventures.”
3. Khushi Keswani is among the prominent women entrepreneur of Gujarat and owner of Happy Stitches

“We had started this service back in 2018, where we thought, women are mostly busy, be it their office, home or kids. So we offered fully tailored clothes at door steps. This service was most loved by women who preferred this service. We send our female executive who helps them with fabric and measurements and delivery of stitched outfits. ”

4.Dr Janhvi Patel , among the eminent Homeopathy specialist of India, also an energy healer .She specializes in Reiki , Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing.

The popularity of Reiki is growing in India. I feel now at least in cities almost 80%knows about it and they have learned at least one basic level of it. The patients I see is nothing fixed, as in my profession the patients usually take appointment and atleast 2-3 hours are dedicated to each patient. Usually, I see 3-7 patients a day.

5 . Dr.Priya Sharma, Award winning Author and lawyer .
” What motivated Me Most is That, I have the ability to make a change in people’s lives those whom cannot help themselves.I believe I have good Communication Skill to communicate with those who are involved in the case. I want to serve my society. My aim to become judicial officer and My whole family members, friends,Relatives always Support and Motivate me. I would like to mention some names here whose role is most important in my journey is First of all my Parents Dr.TC Sharma-Maya Sharma,My sister Dr. Lovely Sharma,My Guru Dr.Ratan Bhardwaj sir and My Nani,Maternal uncle-Aunt. My Aunt(Mausi) Babli Sharma and Babyraj Sharma.My Respected Brothers Atal bihari, Neeraj, Dheeraj,Pankaj Bhaiya and My Bhabhi Jyoti, Meena, Geeta, Neeru sharma and Kanchan. “

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