Covid’s new variants can cause havoc

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Covid’s new variants can cause havoc

Due to the rising number of cases in the USA, China, and Europe, Covid-19 and it’s new variants have caused a lot of havoc amongst the public. The recent variant : BF7 the short form of BA., is the sub- lineage of the omicron variant : BA.5 . It is notorious for its rapid transmission, shorter incubation period, evading the immune system and causing severe disease in individuals with weaker immune systems. It’s important to focus on precautionary dose (booster dose) of vaccines, and to be responsible for revisiting the basic preventive steps of masks, hand hygiene and avoid unnecessary travel and crowded areas. Early detection through tests and genome sequencing are important as recommended by Govt of India, now more than ever with Christmas and New Year’s celebrations quickly approaching. Remember to put on your mask, follow social conventions regarding distance, and wash your hands periodically.

The signs of Omicron’s subvariant BF.7 resemble those of other subvariants quite a bit. Typical symptoms include a stuffy nose, sore throat, fever, congestion, nausea, fatigue, and diarrhoea. The danger of catching this virus is greater in those who are not immunised or have compromised immune systems, such as the elderly, youngsters, pregnant women, and those who have a number of co-morbid conditions like cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart, or kidney issues.

It is critical to abide by COVID regulations At the moment, “vengeance vacation” is being practised, masks are being thrown away, and many tourists haven’t even gotten their booster. In view of the unexpected surge, it is critical to step up whole genome sequencing of positive case samples in order to monitor alterations. This exercise will enable earlier diagnosis and make it simpler to take the appropriate global health measures if any novel types spread across the nation.

Testing is essential to safeguard the vulnerable populations rather than assuming that every disease is a cold or the flu. Furthermore, it is flu season, therefore we must at the very least obtain flu shots. Travelers who have visited Europe or the United States for vacation would likely return, thus additional COVID variants are expected in the coming months, assuming we enhance testing. The approaches to defeating COVID-19 are early discovery, testing, and sequencing as well as continuing preventive measures like masks.

People who received the Russian vaccine Sputnik V are having a variety of difficulties, from the lack of booster injections to visa approval. Due to the fact that the number of cases of covid are once again on the rise globally, they have been seeking relief at medical institutions. The health ministry has, however, luckily confirmed that anyone who have received the first dose of the Sputnik V vaccination but are unable to receive the third dose due to supply-related concerns may elect to receive Covaxin or Covishield as a prophylactic dose. The uptake of the precautionary dose has been dismal at just 27 per cent in India. So it’s essential to encourage the precautionary dose to protect the vulnerable against the complications of covid 19 infection. This is in addition to covid appropriate behaviour like masks and hand hygiene

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