This Twitter thread on Srinagar’s famous ‘floating vegetable’ market will leave you impressed

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This Twitter thread on Srinagar's famous 'floating vegetable' market will leave you impressed

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Srinagar, Dec 27:Jammu and Kashmir often makes headlines for being a flashpoint in the conflict between India and Pakistan. But apart from the challenging situation in the region, the place is also quite popular among tourists, thanks to its magnificent scenery, misty air, and mesmerising beauty. Amid all the tourist points in the valley, Srinagar’s Dal Lake has become a symbol of Kashmir’s booming tourism industry. People mostly visit the place for ‘shikaras’ (houseboats) and the picturesque visuals. While tourists venture there to witness the beauty of the lake, for some life begins a bit early as traders gather to keep the lake abuzz on the floating vegetable market.

Speaking of which, a Twitter page ‘Bayt Al Fann’ also shared a series of videos and photos of the vegetable market. The splendid visuals give a glimpse into how several traders and vegetable cultivators work in the market.

About J&K’s Floating Vegetable Market

Giving detailed information about the market, the post states that the Kashmir Floating Vegetable Market is the central hub for produce vendors and it also offers a unique glimpse of life in Kashmir. As several people live on the lake’s shores, the vast water body also reflects the carved wooden balconies of houseboats.

Speaking about the products that are sold in the market, the traders sell a variety of vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers, water chestnuts, and ‘nadru’ or the lotus stems, a famous Kashmiri delicacy. Besides that, the locals also sell a variety of fruits and flowers.

Notably, the floating market plays a significant role in supporting the local businesses as many locals have no permanent shops and conduct their usual business with the help of boats.

Among all the attractions at the market, another thing that grabs the attention of the early-morning visitors is the vendors selling ‘kahwa’, a special Kashmiri drink made of green tea leaves and whole spice. A famous seller Mushtaq hussain Akhoon is often seen selling his unique ‘Kahwa’ which he makes with 16 ingredients.

Since being posted, the Twitter thread has garnered much attention, with people in awe of Srinagar’s famous market.

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