Pakistan Playing With Youth Of Kashmir

Pakistan Always Made Kashmir Youth Sacrifical Goats Or Scapegoats

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Pakistan Always Made Kashmir Youth Sacrifical Goats Or Scapegoats

Iqball Ahmad

Pakistan has sponsored terrorism in Kashmir since last three decades. The terrorism in Kashmir has already spilled so much blood in valley. Perhaps even this was not enough for Pakistan.
The youth of Kashmir has already been devastated with the ill designs of Pakistan. Since late 1980s, when terrorism took roots in Kashmir, Pakistan’s proxy war was driven primarily by infiltration of trained terrorists into the Valley. Local youth were crossing over PoK where they were trained to indulge in terror activities.

Fuelling Chaos In Kashmir

Pakistan had been able to fund terror activities in Kashmir through the Separatist camps. The infilitration of the trained militants would also carry huge consignment of funds and weapons.
However, domenetisation and blocking of funding channels gave a serious blow to the Pakistan sponsored terrorism.
As witnessed in 2017, 2018 and 2019 the militant groups made announcements that anyone who wish to join their organizations should first snatch the weapons of state forces then only he is eligible to join. Same reflected in the various weapon snatching incidents in Kashmir.
Some cops of Jammu and Kashmir also jumped in the race of the weapon snatching bids. Most of the times the militant groups fail to snatch and were killed but in some incidents they get success too. These were the incidents in which one could easily think of how difficult it was for Pakistan to further propagate the terrorism in Kashmir.

Pakistan Pumped Drugs Into Kashmir

Due to the funding blockage, Pakistan saw a blurred image of future of terrorism in Kashmir. The Pakistan then began to push drugs into Kashmir to generate funds which would be used for making terror activities in Kashmir.
These drugs were pumped into Kashmir through militant infilitrations and using drones. There had been many incidents of killing the terrorist along the Line of Control along with huge consignment of drugs. In many search operations the security forces had recovered weapons and drugs in hideouts.
The BSF, Army and the J&K Police have busted several Pakistan-sponsored narco-terror modules and arrested several people. Many of these are the over-ground workers of terror outfits like the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Hizbul Mujahideen.

How Drug Addicts Become Puppets

The over ground workers act as courrier boys for transporting and selling these drugs. These OGW’s have two tasks: one to manage and sell the drugs and another is about brutal terrorism. The funds generated by this is being used to carry terror related activities. It is evident that in both the cases only the Kashmir youth is made the sacrifical goats or scapegoats. The recent heartwrenching incident of Ashmuqam Anantnag tells us that how Pakistan is playing with the Youth of Kashmir.
The videos clips which were circulated on social media shows that each person standing near the culprit were asking him why he had drank wine or why he had use drugs. The persons in different video clips was seeming to be overloadeded with drugs. His conscious and sub concious brain was not working.
He killed his mother, and others who came in front of him. He did saw what is right he just did what he wish. These incidents show that how a drug addict person is threat to society and how the drugs are cause of destruction for a society.

Sad Statistics

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in its September report had revealed that in J&K, 1,681 cases were registered under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act in 2021. Around 357 cases were registered for possessing drugs for personal use. Around 1,324 cases were registered for possession of drugs for trafficking.
In 2019, over 3,850 heroin abuse cases were recorded, while the number rose to 13,200 in 2021.In the first quarter of 2021-2022, the J&K Police launched a major crackdown to curb narcotics smuggling and arrested over 1,232 drug peddlers and filed 867 FIRs.
The security agencies do maintain a tight vigil along the areas falling close to the border, including Uri, Kupwara, Rajouri and Poonch as Pakistan is behind the transportation of drugs into J&K.

Pakistan’s Drug War In Kashmir

Pakistan’s support to drug smuggling happens through its intelligence agency, ISI. The smuggling is said to be a vital part in its covert military operations, including Kashmir. A revelation to this effect was made by Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, in an interview to the Washington Post — ‘Heroin plan by top Pakistanis alleged’ dated September 12, 1994.
Pakistan has made the drug war vital in Kashmir because, the terrorism in Kashmir has came on crutches.
The fading image of terrorism in Kashmir is defeat for Pakistan. Pakistan has again started the tactical narcotics war as it had started in early nineties. The only difference is that it was war using guns and ammnutions and this it is drug war.
That time only Kashmir suffered this time too only Kashmir is suffering. That time the Kashmir youth killed their own ones in the name of Mukhbir and collaborator and this time a son has killed his mother, brother and own ones. That time also the Kashmir youth were not ready to listen to their parents, this time also our youth is not listening to their parents. That time also the funerals of a kashmiri was carried by Kashmiri’s and this time also, same is repeated.

The fading image of terrorism in Kashmir is defeat for Pakistan. Pakistan has again started the tactical narcotics war in Kashmir as it had started in early nineties. The only difference is that it was war using guns and ammnutions and this it is drug war

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