Outreach To The People Is Very Important To Eliminate Terrorism

Public Darbars At Village Level Are The Need Of The Hour

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The overall security situation of Kashmir could be assessed from the improving cordial relationship between the security forces and the common masses.

Iqball Ahmad

The overall security situation of Kashmir could be assessed from the improving cordial relationship between the security forces and the common masses. Greater the relations, better is the situation. The improving contact between the forces and the general public seems is the outcome of the helping hand of the state forces.

The prolonged proxy war in Kashmir had led to disconnect between the common masses and the security establishment. Through the years, the socio economic progress and development did not contribute for setting a fresh discourse in Kashmir. The narrative always remained the security situation of Kashmir.

Talk Around Security Situation Dominated Discourse

The Government of India, through the state and its various institutions, consistently tried to build a narrative other than security situation, but this single issue continued to dominate public perception. The challenges or problems other than security problems for which the Government kept working tirelessly did not have as great an impact. This was because people considered the security situation to be an international issue. They did not consider their own domestic demands to be an international issue.

This was why progress and development was not highlighted, and all security lapses were always brought to light. This outcomes always served the ‘Kashmir bleeds’ narrative. Hence, the conflict entrepreneurs and those associated with the terror ecosystem consistently tried to build the narrative that favoured Pakistan.

Terror Operators Try To Weaken Bond Between Admn And People

Now, there is a stronger and more cordial connect between the common masses and the security forces of the state. This has become a major challenge for the adversaries of the state. They always try to destabilize the growing contact. They always raise issues like illegal occupancy of land and special army powers. Sometimes these anti-state elements bring in and raise the illegitimate issues which have no credibility at ground level.

The argument made by the adversaries of the state is that why is such heavy security deployed in Jammu and Kashmir if everything is normal here? These questions try to add fuel to fire. The adversaries of the state, within the system or outside it, always try to discredit the security forces for their operations.

Positive Initiatives Of Security Forces Did Not Get Right Traction Earlier

Earlier, the government did not take suitable action against the vocal elements who deliberately tried to seed hatred and disaffection against the state. Hence their shrill arguments dominated the narrative. As a result, the positive initiatives of the security forces did not get the right traction.

Simultaneously, the connect between the security forces and locals decreased. At times, there seemed to be a gulf between the two sides. This is what the terror operators seek. They always want to create a gulf between the security forces and the general public. Greater the gulf, greater is the impact of terrorism. Stronger the connect between the security forces and the people, weaker the terror network in the region.

Connect Should Not Be Restricted To Some Activists Only

The security establishment has taken many initiatives for the protection and welfare of the common masses. But it is felt by the people that those at the helm of the security establishment have maintained their contact with certain activists only. These activists are few, and they dominate and claim to represent the general public. This is not correct.

These activists build cordial relations with the top cops in the army and in the police to serve their own needs. This policy won’t work until the general public is involved.

Public darbars at village level are the need of the hour. The outreach of the security establishment to the general masses is essential. The top officers of the establishment must not be restricted to their ivory towers. They must reach out to the people and build a connect.

There are many officers at the senior level who have reached out to the general public. They are working tirelessly to bridge the gaps created by terrorism. These officers remain busy round the clock in strengthening the bonds between them and the people. They should be the role models for all other officers in the UT Administration.

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