Narco-terrorism- Pakistan’s new game

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Narco-terrorism- Pakistan’s new game

Narco terrorism implies the nexus between drug syndicates and terrorists that facilitate and fund terrorist activities and influence government policies. Narco-terrorism received public notice for the first time when drug lords in Columbia started employing violent methods, such as the employment of car bombs, assassination and kidnappings against anti-drug police in Columbia.

Narco-terrorism at the nascent stage did not have any particular linkage or convergence with terrorism. Still, with the evolvement of the menace of drug terrorism, the nexus between drug lords and terrorist groups became quite apparent.

The United State Agency (DEA) provide a coherent definition of narco-terrorism as “narco-terrorism may be characterised by the participation of groups or associated individuals in taxing, providing security for, or otherwise aiding or abetting drug trafficking endeavours to further, or fund, terrorist activities”.

The definition hints toward using narcotics by terrorist groups to evade counter-terrorism forces and finance their terror activities.

Pakistan has now started a “new game” of smuggling weapons and narcotics through drones.

Pakistan’s nefarious designs are not hidden from anybody. In the past few years, they have started playing a new game of using drones to smuggle weapons, narcotics and improvised explosive devices (IED).

Security agencies believe that these are attempts of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terror outfit in collaboration with Pakistani agencies.

Security force always counters the drones that neighbouring Pakistan tries to send to Indian territory.

Pakistan is now trying to send ammunition and narcotics through drones but we always counter them and last night one more drone was shot down in the Jammu area. Pakistan is continuously trying to disturb the peace in J-K but our mechanism to counter Pakistan is strong.

The J-K police informed that local villagers in the Samba sector had reported sighting a suspected drone-type object near the International Border, following which the police carried out a search operation.

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