Greenhouses Can Help Us Grow Vegetables During Winter

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Greenhouses Can Help Us Grow Vegetables During Winter

Sahil Manzoor

Government has taken several initiatives to deal with the shortage of vegetables and fruits during the winters. Due to health benefits and containing immense, rich nutrients, like vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, etc. prior to the arrival of winters, vegetables are being kept on priority by the administration. I want to add to your knowledge that a recent study by “biodiversity of international scientists in collaboration with the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations revealed that there are about 1,100 vegetable species with a great variety of uses and growth forms cultivated throughout the globe. Vegetables and fruits are the essential food items for the better survival of humans on this blue planet. Dried Vegetables May Not Be As Good As We Think
In Kashmir valley winters are very harsh, survival of life gets very hard. There are so many reasons behind that, our farmers are not well equipped by the concerned authorities to minimise the shortage of vegetables during the period. Nowadays, in Kashmir valley the essential home commodities are skyrocketing, this is very unfortunate and unacceptable for the consumers. People are suffering and ailing from different nutrient deficiency diseases. Pulses, dried vegetables are also used in winters but during the studies it has been found that dried vegetables are not good for the health and there are chances of getting ill by consuming them and also
contains infections.
New Technologies Available Today, in this article I am going to highlight the role of the horticulture department:
how the department improves the distribution, installation of greenhouse shed schemes and distribution of vegetable saplings among the growers. The Horticulture department plays an important role, holding awareness programmes during the seasonal cultivation of vegetable and fruit varieties in the valley. As we are well known about the fact that most of our farmers are not well educated but accumulating a lot of experiences and helps to grow their nation and plays a great role, boosts the economy of the country, feeds the people of the nation, by
their day and night hardship. Farmer class deserves appreciation and should be brought under beneficial schemes, providing formers highly advanced equipment, carriages, sprayers, fertilisers of good quality so the yielding capacity increased. Schemes Introduced By Horticulture Department The Horticulture Department has introduced the scheme years ago, offering applications from the desirous farmers for the installation of miniature greenhouses and provides them an amount of 10,000 as subsidiary. The scheme briefs the
grower’s needs to submit an application on a4 size paper, after the approval from the concerned authorities the beneficiary has to credit an amount of Rs 21,000 into the account of the horticulture department. After the installation of the greenhouse shed, Rs 10,000 is credited into the account of the beneficiary. This is quite beneficial for the growers but there are still certain domains that are consider in favour of the farmers.
Need For Trained Staff For Assistance The department should provide expert and trained staff who guides the beneficiary and provides proper counselling on how to grow seasonal vegetables and what are do’s and don’ts. Literally the farmers do not know how to prepare saplings for the greenhouse shed and how to yield adequate quantities of seasonal vegetables. So that they feel some kind of relaxation during the winters. Greenhouses are widely used throughout the world for the sapling of vegetables and for gardening purposes. In large flowering gardens greenhouse sheds are very useful and benefited the beneficiaries on a large scale.
Use Of Greenhouses
Greenhouse effect is based on scientific means and first time: it was coined by Joseph Fourier in the year 1824. Greenhouse effect also known as carbon dioxide problems. A greenhouse is a building with glass walls and a glass and a glass roof. Greenhouses are used to grow plants, such as tomatoes, coriander, table radish and typical flowers. A greenhouse keeps warm inside during winters and greenhouse gases like co 2  (carbon dioxide), nitrous oxide, methane (ch 4 ), these gases trap the reflected sunlight and warms the greenhouse shed inside. Suggestions: there are still a large number of farmers who have not taken into the scheme, have not known about the scheme. The concerned horticulture department should hold more counselling programmes, and the general public should be informed via local village bodies. Seasonal seeds, fertilizers of good quality should be given to the growers on subsidiary rates, that too on adequate quantity and quantity.
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