Action Against JEI Is Welcome

Govt Must Take Suitable Action Against Other Such Groups Too

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Jammu and Kashmir Government has now become tough against anti state elements. The voices raised against the welfare of the state have been lowered. Those who work only to serve and favor Pakistan have been neutralised. A positive change is visible across the length and breadth of the Kashmir. More nationalists are seen. The vocals who used to utter hate for India have become quiet to some extent. But it doesn’t mean that everything has changed.

It is a good development that the Union Government and the UT Government have curbed separatism and separatist ideology. The government at grass roots has been strengthened. There is positive response from the people.

Jihadi groups used youth as cannon fodder

Kashmir has witnessed Pakistan sponsored terrorism, turmoil, killings and law and order situations from past three decades. Pakistan used both hardcore separatists and armed terrorists to widen and deep-root those narratives that favoured it.

Some groups worked for construction of Pakistan-favoured discourses. Others worked on ground for devastation.

Pakistan always played tricks and betrayed common Kashmiri’s in the name of Jihaad and religion. The armed terrorists were meant for rebellions against the state. The vocal leaders were on the other hand to create gulfs between the common masses and the mainland India.

The vocals used local masjid committees, clerics and academic institutions to further the alienation and radicalization. Whereas, the so called Jihadi groups used young blood of youth as cannon fodder. Since, the emotions of the common people of Kashmir were made involved by using religious idealism to go against every step of Mainland India.

The Kashmir youth were provoked and instigated by giving them the concept of ‘Islam in Danger’. But it is also true that the Separatists groups were operating on the behest of the local leaders of Kashmir.

Why Government targets JeI only and leave others

The Union Government banned the Jamaat i Islami in Kashmir in February 2019 which was a welcome step. After reading down the Article 370 and 35 A it was believed that one by one who had been in the line of anti nationals would be bought under laws. But what is been seen and observed that excluding Jamaat Islami, no action has been taken against other groups. Kashmir knows it very well the Gun culture was bought in by Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF). This was the first organization which picked up Guns and declared armed rebellion in Kashmir. The love for the Gun flourished in Kashmir 1989 onwards. The devastation started. There was death and destruction. The painful cries of Orphans, Widows were heard.

The Pakistan Gun was presented as the only mean to freedom. Some Gun shots were fired during speeches, in processions and it was believed that this would bring Pakistan in Kashmir. This Gun turned the bright future of Kashmir into a realm of terrorism. The Gun devastated families, stole brotherhood, happiness, unity and patriotism. The gun created hate against non Muslims. It caused alienation, prejudices and dejection in Kashmir.

Where are those who introduced and deepened Gun cult?

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Mohd Yaseen Malik is lodged in Tihar jail. It was not only him who was on whole doing all the wrongdoings. He has a vast network of manpower who would carry attacks, killings and rebellions. The JKLF leaders who were most active in the period of 1990s are still around.

These groups of leaders and men acted as chameleons. They earned piles of wealth during the peak militancy period.

When the JKLF leader Yasin Malik announced cease fire these leaders jumped into Muslim Mujaideen groups or Ikhwanis, and caused rampant oppression of innocent Kashmiris. They collected huge amounts from Pakistan too. Some secured jobs and continued to change their colours.

This time also there are dozens of former JKLF men who in early 1990’s were brutal terrorists of Pakistan. In late nineties they became inhumane members of Ikhwan groups. Now, many of them are highly respected and wealthy citizens of Kashmir.

The Gun devastated families, stole brotherhood, happiness, unity and patriotism. The gun created hate against non Muslims. It caused alienation, prejudices and dejection in Kashmir

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