Sad State Of Women In Afghanistan

Harsh Laws Imposed By Taliban Crushing Their Dreams

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Sad State Of Women In Afghanistan

Sameer Sheikh

It has been 15 months since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. The Taliban at first showed softness towards women. It was a fallacy to assume that the Taliban won’t be tough against the female folk living there.

Laws Against Women’s Welfare

With the passage of time, the Taliban brought in new laws and rules which were directly against the welfare of women in Afghanistan. The women were directed to seek education only if they remain completely veiled and are taught by the female teachers and professors.
Of late, Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers have banned university education for women nationwide, provoking condemnation from the United States and the United Nations over another assault on human rights. The order which as “You all are informed to immediately implement the mentioned order of suspending education of females until further notice,”. Minister for Higher Education Neda Mohammad Nadeem said in a letter issued to all government and private universities.
Hardliners Not Giving Any Space To Women’s Rights

The Taliban had promised a softer rule after seizing power last year following the US’ withdrawal from the country. However the hardline Islamists have continued to roll back women’s rights and freedoms in the country. The Taliban’s leader Hibatullah Akhundzada and his inner circle have been against modern education – particularly for girls and women.

Though there are condemenations from the world wide but it is Taliban’s religious bigotry that does not want to give equal rights, position and status to the women in Afghanistan. It is not only about the education, it is about the future of thousands of aspiring girls which had come on stake. The fear of reprisals may led the women folk of Afghanistan to remain silent indoors. The voices may not rise but at the end of the day it is half of the population whose dreams are being crushed by the Taliban.

Women Treated As Second Class Citizens

Earlier when the Taliban, ruled over Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001, when the US-led invasion forced the group from power, have historically treated women as second-class citizens, subjecting them to violence, forced marriages and a near-invisible presence in the country.

After seizing the power last year, Taliban presented themselves as moderates but everyone was fully confident that it is the fake image in order to get international support.

The girls living and getting education in Afghanistan were making advance predictions that Taliban won’t allow their education. And their worries multiplied when the Taliban restricted the professional works for women in most sectors. Moreover, travelling restrictions were also imposed on the female folk. The women were only allowed to move out of their homes with gaurdians only not with distant relatives. They have also imposed limits on girls’ education, banning the females from certain workplaces as they stripped away rights they had fought tirelessly for over the last two decades.

Women’s Entry To Parks Restricted

In November this year the Taliban restricted the entry of ladies into public parks or amusement parks and gyms.
The ban on higher education comes weeks after Afghan girls sat university entrance exams across the country. Until now, some women had been allowed to continue their university studies, but in gender-segregated classrooms.But now a complete ban has ordered on women education.
Human Rights Watch called the move “a shameful decision” that makes clear the Taliban’s lack of respect for “the fundamental rights of Afghans.”

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