Jammu and Kashmir striking right tones on Cold storage facilties

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Jammu and Kashmir striking right tones on Cold storage facilties

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Cold storage is of a vital importance for a place like Kashmir especially when it comes to saving its bulk apple production from perishing. There are very clear benefits of the cold storage.
Lowers Deterioration Rate of Perishable Foods
One of the great benefits of using a cold storage is that the low temperature helps in lowering the rate of chemical changes and growth of microorganism enzymes in foods. In simple words, the rate of food spoiling is lowered down to a great extent.
Temperature Controls
There are different areas in the refrigerator that are being operated at different temperatures. In older cold storages, the upper shelves used to be controlled at slightly colder temperature as compared to lower shelves. In modern refrigerators, the temperatures are relatively uniform thoroughly. One can also check out the booklet or guides that come with the refrigerators to know more about temperature controls.
Post abrogation of article 370 the Jammu and Kashmir Government has made it top priority to expand the cold storage facilties throughout Jammu and Kashmir..As a matter of fact, development of cold storage infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir witnessed a 53.8 per cent growth after the abrogation of Article 370 in 2020.
Recently, while
Replying to a question in Rajya Sabha the esteemed Narendra Singh Tomar, Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, said 21 cold storages with a capacity of 99,555 tonnes have been constructed in Jammu and Kashmir post the abrogation of Article 370.

Stating that the Government is putting in all efforts to create more cold storage infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir, he said currently 2.83 lakh tonnes of cold storage capacity has been created under various government schemes in Jammu and Kashmir.
The union territory of Jammu and Kashmir especially the Kashmir valley produces more than 25 lakh metric tons of apples every year and contributes around 88 percent to the national apple production.

The voices are making it clear that the UT’s cold storage capacity, according to the data produced by the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCC&I) is 2 lakh metric tons, thereby, explaining the need for increased cold storage capacity in Jammu and Kashmir. The buisness voices urge that cold storage capacity should be further doubled to meet the complete needs of Jammu and Kashmir.
It is known that the bumper harvest of apples this year in the valley brought much delight to the apple farmers in Kashmir valley but many were unhappy in terms of profitability. With the prices plummeting by over 50 per cent and no place to store the crop, the apple farmers of the valley are worried much.
Since few years Kashmir is producing many fruits and vegetables especially the exotic vegetable in bulk quantity thus the cold storage facilties becomes all the more important.
The expert pulse is that
The low temperatures inside cold storage units halt the growth of these pathogenic fungi, ensuring that spoilage of fruits and vegetables is kept to a minimum.

Refrigeration and blast freezing are equally popular options for many vegetables and some selected fruits. CRS cold storage units have a varied temperature range for both freezing and chilling options. Cold storage definitely increases the longevity of your fruits and vegetables.
It is heartening to note that Cold storage facilties of India is achieving much excellence.
India’s cold storage capacity is likely to reach 40.7 million metric tonnes by 2023, rising 8.2% from 2020, as per Colliers’ latest report, opportunities in Indian cold chain assets.
Colliers forecasts the Indian cold chain sector is expected to grow at 14% CAGR during next three years driven by growth of online grocery, pharmaceutical sales.

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha just few hours back said that Jammu and Kashmir was heading for a revolution in agriculture and allied sectors.

An official spokesman in a statement issued here said that announcing three new schemes – Holistic Development of Agriculture and Allied Sectors, Aspirational Towns Development Programme, and Aspirational Panchayat Development Programme, the LG said: “Having gone through the contents of the projects that have been cleared by the committee and their expected outputs and outcomes, I am confident that a new revolution in the agriculture and allied sectors of J&K is on the anvil. J&K is determined to move forward to touch new heights of success.”

The Administrative Council, chaired by the LG, has approved these projects. The development of broad based world class cold storage facilties is among the most sought things by the Jammu and Kashmir Government to take the region to new era of development. Government is fully aware of the fact that cold storage facilties in Jammu and Kashmir need to grow by leaps and bounds, and is taking steps in that regard .

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