Extra miles needs to go for industrial revival

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Manzoor Ahmad Bhat posted as Executive Director J&K EDI

No economy can run only on the primary sector. In fact the shift from agriculture to industries has been responsible for the huge strides that the economy made in the developed parts of the world. In the developing countries also the need to switch over form agricultural sector to that of the industries was felt long back.

That is the reason that the governments tried to formulate many packages to help industries grow. These affirmative actions were meant to help the industries tied over the difficulties of infrastructure, production and marketability. The results have been amazing.

In the entire country the states that have succeeded in building up a strong industrial base are having a better economy than those who lag behind in this regard. Unfortunately the industrial sector in J&K, particularly in Kashmir, has not picked up as one could have wished it to.

There are many reasons for that, but in a nutshell our industries need to be put back on track, so that they compete with the industries in other states. Besides, if the industries perform to the optimum level there will be employment generation and that would take much of the burden off the government back.

The covid 19 pandemic has caused huge disruption in the industrial sector all across the globe. In J&K too the effects have been visible. In this situation the government needs to go an extra mile to help the industries. This would require some significant help from the government so that the industries can tied over these difficult times.

In this regard if the Commissioner Secretary, Industries & Commerce has taken a review of the progress under the package for relief and revival of industry that was announced by Lieutenant Governor, it is a good news. The only thing one would try to convey at this time is that the effects of the package must be felt by those who run the industries. The execution should be such that it leads to the revival of the industries on the ground, because the purpose is to get the things going.

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