The Demolition Of Nengroo’s House

Strong Political, Administrative Will To Uproot Terrorism

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The Demolition Of Nengroo’s House

Iqball Ahmed

Before abrogation, the silent voices of Kashmir were considered as the conspiracy against the state forces. These are the voices of the large majority. They are not vocal in expressing their opinion. Hence we call them the silent voices.

Now, they are correctly considered as appreciative of the action against the anti state elements.

The Support Of The Silent Masses

Whether it is about ‘tightening the screws’ of government employees or initiating harsh steps against those who only wish to spread death and destruction – the large majority is appreciative of these actions, even though it is silent. Once, people chose to be silent in fear of consequences. Now, they are silent as they watch the diminishing fate line of those who used to instill fear among people. Earlier, this silence was regarded to be standing for alienation and separation. Now, this silence is the mark of silent support from the people.

Nengroo’s Key Role In Pulwama Attack

On December 10, the UT Administration bulldozed the house of terrorist Ashiq Nengroo. Negroo had fled to Pakistan occupied Kashmir in 2019. He is among those who conspired the Pulwama attack.

In February 2019, Jaish e Mohammad terrorist Aadil Ah rammed his explosives laden car into the bus ferrying security men. More than 40 CRPF soldiers were killed in the attack.

As per the reports Nengroo was a truck driver by profession. He had transported Azhar Masood’s nephew Idrees from the international border to Kashmir. Idrees had conspired the Pulwama attack. Nengroo had been involved in ferrying arms, ammunitions and terrorists from different places to Kashmir.

When his name surfaced on social media for being involved in planning the Pulwama attack, Nengroo crossed the line of control along with his family. He is living in Pakistan from last three years, and is acting as ‘Remote Control’ for terrorists operating in Kashmir. He is in PoK and directs the terrorists on when, how and what to do.

Nengroo Had Encroached Upon State Land

The house which was flattened with the bulldozer had been construted on encroached land. Nengroo had illegally encroached upon state land and had constructed a concrete two storey house on it. This all had been done when he and his brother had close links with the terrorists.

Since Nengroo had links with terrorists, he was a powerful man in Kashmir at that time. Nengroo used gun power to grab the state land and to the construct the house. It was due to his fear that the concerned revenue officials did not take any action to retrieve the land from him.

Nengroo family has deep roots in militancy. His younger brother was a dreaded terrorist. He was killed in September 2014.

For The First Time, House Of A Militant Razed

With the changing dynamics in Jammu and Kashmir, for the first time the bulldozer or the peela panja has been used upon the house of a terrorist. The bulldozer was used to flatten the house which belongs to the Nengroos. The family had three militants from one house. Two of his brothers were killed one in an encounter and another one was killed by terrorists of a rival group.

The administration of Jammu and Kashmir earlier had not been so tough against anti state elements. By bulldozing the militant’s house, the administration showed that there is zero tolerance towards terrorists and terror modules of terrorism. The past regimes were offering soft hand to the terrorists, due to which terrorism in Kashmir multiplied.

It is true that many militants were killed during the past regimes. But they were not interested in completely uprooting terrorism in Kashmir. After bifurcating the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories, the LG administration has worked hard enough to change the dynamics of Kashmir, mainly to change the narrative which used to serve the interests of Pakistan.

Rapid Change In People’s Behaviour

In the past three years, Kashmir has not witnessed hartals and bandh calls. There is a rapid change in the behaviour of the people. The common masses seem to following the rules of the state. Militancy recruitment has also reduced. There are many areas in Kashmir which once were hotbed for militancy. These areas have either less or even least number of active militants.

Downtown area of Srinagar once was a red zone. It was a most vulnerable area. Downtown Srinagar is militancy free now. There is a visible change, but complete change will not happen overnight. Kashmir will be paradise once again, but it won’t happen in one go. Everything takes time to fade off. The stains in Kashmir are 70 years old. They won’t vanish abruptly.

Political Will For Positive Change

The present change is the zeal and enthusiasm of present administration. There are very low intensity threats within Kashmir which may or may not effect the security scenario of the valley. But the threat which has emerged from last few years is that of Kashmiri Diaspora. The Kashmir Diaspora from different countries by their hate speeches instigate the common masses. The UT Government which initiated the above mentioned step to give the reply to anti state elements must choke all media channels which shares and circulates the speeches of rogue elements in the Kashmiri Diaspora.

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