Rising Number Of Traffic Mishaps A Cause Of Serious Concern

People Must Follow Traffic Rules To Ensure Safety Of Self, Others

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People Must Follow Traffic Rules To Ensure Safety Of Self, Others

Sheikh Sameer

Due to the rapid population growth in the world, the automobile industry in the world and in our country as well is a flourishing sector. The private and commercial vehicles are increasing day by day.
The unfortunate part is that rapid increase in automobiles have led to more accidents. As per the figures of WHO, Every year the lives of approximately 1.3 million people are cut short as a result of a road traffic crash. Between 20- 50 million more people suffer non fatal injuries, with many incurring a disability as a result of their injury.

Risk of traffic crashes

In Jammu and Kashmir there is also a rapid increase in the use of automobiles. The riches and the middle class people prefer to travel in their private vehicles. The commercial vehicles too in Kashmir is continuously increasing. Subsequently, the risks of traffic crashes also increases simultaneously. More than 500 people die each year in Kashmir in traffic accidents. The number of deaths happening due to traffic accidents are more than militancy related deaths.
However, all the accidents are not fatal there are number of accidents causing non fatal injuries. These non fatal accidents lead to temporary or permanent disability among the victims. In Jammu and Kashmir the Jammu division is more prone to deadly accidents. The tough terrains on the mountainous areas with poor road connectivity, over loading, over speeding and brazen traffic rule violations also contribute towards happening of traffic crashes in the Jammu division.

Problem of negligent driving

The Kashmir valley witnesses road accidents due to negligent driving. Traffic rule violations in Kashmir has become habit of the Kashmiri drivers. The drivers living in urban areas have started obeying traffic but not completely. Most of the commercial drivers did not know the colour of their uniform. Not a single commercial driver wears uniform. The rural drivers did not mind to follow the traffic rules. These drivers hardly know about the fastening of seat belts while driving. Whether the driver drives a commercial vehicle or a private car, no one uses seat belts. The licence less drivers are more than licience holders. The vehicle documents are not complete.

Traffic Police must implement rules

The traffic police which manages the traffic in Kashmir and Jammu is responsible for ensuring that people follow traffic rules. The concerned department challan ten vehicles for not having necessary documents or violating traffic rules and leave 100 vehicles unchecked.
There should be proper system management to check the vehicles which did not have proper documents or those violating traffic rules.
Moreover, some officials in the traffic police department take bribe openly and leave the drivers if the driver has violated traffic norms or fails to provide valid documents of the vehicle. The commercial drivers plying on srinagar Jammu National Highway and violate the traffic norms.
It is very sad that the traffic officials deployed along National Highway provide helping hand to these drivers.

Overloaded vehicles pose huge risk

Some days before I was travelling on National Highway and was going to Jammu. I found it very disgusting that the driver overloaded his vehicle with passengers. The seat capacity of the vehicle was seven and the driver boarded ten passengers in the commercial vehicle.
While heading towards Jammu the driver stopped his vehicle near the traffic police Naka in Qazigund. The driver got down from his vehicle and approached the traffic policeman who was with a challan book.
The driver greets him and said give me one compound challan of Rs 200 as if the officer was selling the challans. The officer smiled at him and said, “how many have you boarded more”. The driver too smiled and said only three, give me that type of challan that will save me from getting challaned in places like Banihal, Ramban, Udhampur, Tikri, Nagrota and Jammu. The police officer gave him that kind of challan amounting Rs 200.
I calculated his fare, it was 1100 per passenger the total fare was 9900 for 9 passengers. He violated the traffic rule by overloading his vehicle he earned more 2000 but what if the same vehicle had met an accident. The driver did not wore uniform, did not fasten seat belts and drove us to Jammu.

Overspeeding a serious concern

Overspeeding has became an issue in each passenger vehicle. In the greed of getting more passengers the matadors, tata sumo’s, tavera’s and other passenger vehicles go for race and the chase the vehicle which goes ahead. The race leads to close calls and invites crashes.
Sometimes the driver in overspeed lost control over his vehicle and results in accident. Over speeding and overloading in the high altitude mountain passes increases the risk of accidents.
This year the deadly accidents reported from difficult terrain areas like Doda, Kistwar, Ramban, Rajouri and Poonch. On September 14, 2022, Eleven people, including four women, were killed after a minibus they were travelling in skidded off the road and fell into a deep gorge near BrariNallah area of Saujian in Poonch.On November 16, Eight people died in hilly Kishtwar district’s remotest Marwah area after a TaTa Sumo fell into a deep gorge.

Sad statistics

On September 15, Five people died and 12 others suffered injuries after a private bus plunged into a gorge on Rajouri-Poonch highway. On september 5, Five people were killed in two separate road accidents in Doda district. An R&B Department XEn among three other people also died in a road accident in Doda on November 14. The officials were returning home from Jammu.
On November 29, Four people of a family died in a road accident in Chenani Tehsil of Udhampur district on November 29. The deceased were travelling in a private car from GoolSangaldan to Udhampur.
These are just tip of an iceberg. In the past 10 months alone, 677 people have lost their lives in over 5189 road accidents with highest 80 people killed only in Jammu’s Kathua district followed by 79 casualties in Jammu district.


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