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Gyms may help Admn eradicate drug addiction among youth

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Gyms may help Admn eradicate drug addiction among youth


As per the biological science our life cycle undergoes various stages and processes. Adolescence is one of the stages where different biological changes take place naturally. Hormonal changes take place due to which the whole body structure gets new shape in both females and males.
This stage is being considered as the very crucial period among the teenagers. Adolescence periods start from 9 years of age among the females and from 11 among the males. Hormonal changes are very important and crucial.
During this crucial period most of the teenagers were involved in different kinds of evils. Like being involved in drugs, engaged in wayward tasks, getting arrogant, stubborn, rude behaviour, lacking patience etc.

Need for guidance

Teenagers need proper counselling, motivation for their upliftment during this crucial period. Our society is filled with great and renowned personalities who have done miracles for the nation and are still doing their best. For the time being we have to utilize each and every facility for the upliftment of our young buds and teach them what is suitable and beneficial for them.
Government administration from lower to higher levels left no stone unturned to minimize the crimes, drug addiction among the teenagers, youths but very unfortunate we are still miles away to make it possible.

Bodybuilding is trending

One thing is quite clear that with the passage of time we have to experience all the happenings within our society, it includes negative as well as positive events. This world is full of mysterious stories. Every event has its own story. Today in this article let’s try to motivate our friends of all age groups towards bodybuilding sports. Today bodybuilding is trending throughout the country. As India enlisted among the top countries who have good sports infrastructure and participated at international level for centuries.

Bodybuilding is addictive

As I have experienced bodybuilding is one the best and addictive activity one must engage himself in this. Bodybuilding endowed with an attractive shape to your body keeps you fit and fine.
There are great and interesting facts about body building as mentioned.
(1). Bodybuilding keeps you disease free and boosts your immunity in different ways.
(2) Bodybuilding keeps you warm during winters and makes you feel relaxed during summers.
(3). Body building reduces the risks among the obese patients and burns their extra fats up to optimum level.
(4). Bodybuilding reduces your belly fat, makes you good and enhances your diet capacity.
(5) Bodybuilding keeps you happy and reduces your depression. So when you are in depression, do some exercises and you will feel relaxed.

Importance of good diet

All the points I have mentioned are based on my own experience. First of all try to make yourself that ‘’ I want to look good, disease free, and will not get involved in any drug addiction. Will motivate my friends toward sports activities and will be ready, fit and healthy all the time.
These days gym centres are available everywhere laced with advanced equipment. There are trained and experienced trainers there. So we have a great chance to burn our extra fat during these winter days.
After spending a couple days in the gym we have to follow a balanced and balanced diet. Diet plays a vital role for those who are indulged in body building activities.

Govt should open more gyms

Gym centres facilitate music, advanced equipment, hygienic environment, and experienced trainers. Always follow the trainer and avoid muscle cramps, bone injury, etc. I suggest you all join gym centres. I hope you will feel good and relaxed. Government administration at district level should provide gym centres at the Panchayat level so that everyone should get engaged in and keep themselves fit and fine.
One more thing: do machine exercise for almost 6 months that will get your body cuttings and attractive shape, believe in a natural diet and avoid supplements.

(The writer resides at RAIYAR-ICH. He can be contacted at [email protected])

Bodybuilding keeps you happy and reduces your depression. So when you are in depression, do some exercises and you will feel relaxed

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