Mohammed Ali Shihab: An Inspiration To All Those Who Seek To Achieve

He Refused To Let The Struggles Of Life Defeat Him

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Mohammed Ali Shihab: An Inspiration To All Those Who Seek To Achieve

The life story of Mohammed Ali Shihab, a resident of Kerala, can prove to be very inspirational for people who are afraid of failures in life. He has struggled a lot since childhood. However, he never got scared of any trouble and kept on moving towards his destination. Due to poverty, his mother was left with no option but to send her children to the orphanage in Kozhikode, hoping that they would get access to food and shelter. Soon after shifting to the orphanage Shihab dedicated himself to studies and gathered a lot of attention because of his intelligence.

Education and Background

Shihab started working as a primary school teacher after his pre-degree. Meanwhile, he tried his hand at many jobs. He cracked the exams for the selection of clerks, peons, jail warden, forester and railway ticket collector. He also got a BA degree in history by writing exams as a private candidate.

Journey to the IAS

Shihab then decided to become an IAS officer and serve the underprivileged. He joined an institute as he did not have a lot of time to spend on trying new strategies of preparation. “But for the coaching, I would not have made it to the Civil Services,” Shihab says. Life yet again posed a challenge for him. His daughter was born with paralysis of the arm. During his studies for the civil services exam, and during exams, he had to shuttle between hospitals and home. He had to drop out of the institute and continue the rest of the preparation at home.

Success Factor in IAS

Shihab owes his success to the discipline he was taught while in the orphanage and the guidance he got while preparing for the exam without which he could not have realised his dream. Despite the limited facilities and lack of time, he studied hard.

“Be stronger than your strongest excuse”, says Shihab who now has the power to change the fate of many people like him and works for the betterment of a remote village. His life is an inspiration for many underprivileged youths in the country today. If Shihab could do it despite all odds and limited resources, what is your excuse?

After attempting UPSC examinations, he succeeded in the third attempt and cleared the UPSC exam in 2011. He got the All India 226th rank. He was later posted in Kohima, Nagaland.

Everything Is An Opportunity To Celebrate

I was an orphan, and the district which I am tending to is like an orphanage too. My life was cut off at 11 after my father’s death and my district is cut off from the rest of the world. But despite the limited opportunities and resources, the locals here have taught me how everything is an opportunity to celebrate. No wonder, Nagaland is called the land of festivals. But we are determined to move forward and do everything we can for all-round development.

The IAS officer has also come out with his autobiography in Malayalam titled Viralattam. His story is an inspiration for all of us to never fail to chase our dreams.


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