A New Era Without Article 370 Unfolds in Jammu and Kashmir

The March Towards Progress And Development

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A New Era Without Article 370 Unfolds in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir through different modes is progressing on different dimensions, but more is needed to be done. These are some points that if implemented can change the face of Jammu and Kashmir towards betterment.

Transformation through growth

Investment, Development and employment is the need of the hour.

Besides, removal of restrictions will encourage industry and private investment

• This will spur growth and employment leading to prosperity for all

• Industrialization of the state will multiply job opportunities for local


• Local horticulture and food processing will get a big boost.

• Handicraft industry which was earlier limited to select destinations will now be able to directly export and collaborate both nationally and internationally.

Big Boost For Tourism

Investment in tourist infrastructure such as hotels and other facilities will increase tourist arrivals

• More job and earning opportunities

• Film shootings, adventure tourism and religious tourism to grow

• PPP models will provide opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Thus the Rural tourism will grow

New Drawn for Youth

Equal Opportunity for all to be ensured

• There will be significant upgrade in education facilities of all, particularly

the children of the poor.

• The focus of the government will be education, industrialization and boost to tourism

Transformation through empowerment

Property and all other rights of women marrying outside the state will now be

fully protected

• All women will now retain full and legal rights on land and all other rights

• All Central Acts and Laws protecting the rights of women and children to be

made fully applicable to the UT

• Right to Education shall be extended to J&K to ensure universal education


• The Commission for Protection of child Rights Act, 2005 will now be applicable here and will ensure adequate protection of child and women rights.

Benefits for Scheduled Tribes

• The Scheduled Tribes & other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 has now been made applicable.

• Rights of Tribal/ST Communities residing in forests of will now be protected

Benefit to owners

• Any landowner who wishes to sell his land would benefit from increased prices.

• Anyone who does not want to sell his lands will have the full liberty not to part with his land.

• There will be no change in ownership due to removal of Article 370.

Justice for West Pakistan Refugees



Backwardness of J&K – how this will change now?

• West Pakistan Refugees will now enjoy all democratic rights as citizens of the country

• They will be given citizenship and property rights.

Transformation through democracy

Local Self Governing Institutions

• Now the 73rd& 74th Constitutional Amendment have become applicable

• Constitutional status has been given to local self governments in Rural &

Urban areas

• All provisions relating to Panchayats and local self governments to be fully


• Panchayats will now get direct funding- people will decide their own

developmental priorities

• This will lead to strengthening of grass root democracy

Transparency and Accountability

• Now all anti corruption central laws including WhistleBlower Act will be applicable

• Oversight by all central agencies and watchdogs will ensure reduced corruption

• Transparency and accountability to increase

• Funds earmarked for the people will actually reach the beneficiaries

• Corruption will be controlled

Laws & Amendments

• 106 people-friendly laws and 9 constitutional amendments of the

Indian Constitution now to be made applicable

• So many progressive laws such as Right to Education, Maintenance &

Welfare of Parents & Senior Citizens Act, 2001, National Commission for

Minority Act and acts for benefit of Women, Children, Disabled etc will now

be applicable

• The application of these laws will help the most vulnerable sections of the population

Celebrating Unity in Diversity

• The cultures and languages of Marathas, Tamilians, Gujaratis, Assamese and others have prospered and grown.

• Adequate provisions and safeguards in Indian Constitution to ensure that the religious and cultural rights of every group and community are protected and preserved.

• There is absolutely no threat to the culture, traditions and religion of Kashmir or any other region.

• People belonging to all faiths reside in J&K.

• Jammu and Kashmir shall continue to be together even after re-organisation and hence no communal angle or attempt to override any cultural or religious group.

• Economic growth, development and generation of more employment to benefit all sections and groups in society

• We are sure to see that the problems which have been preventing Kashmir from realizing its true potential will go away and a new world of opportunities and possibilities will open for the people of J&K.

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