Always Keep Flame of Your struggle alive : Neelam Singh

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Always Keep Flame of Your struggle alive : Neelam Singh -

Actress of Calibre Neelam Singh born in North Kashmir Baramlla in a noble Sikh family has emerged to stardom. She is famous for her acting skills and magnificent caliber especiallyin the TV serials industry of the country . Her first serial was “Tavnich Duniya” in the year 1999 at very young age. She shined across scores of serials on Doordarshan and moved to Mumbai in year 2014.
It is worth mentioning here She has been since featuring on prominent TV channels of India as serial actress in Sony Sab TV, Star Plus , &TV Dangal TV, etc in renowned serials like Dil Sambhal Ja Zara on Star Plus , Mere Sai on Sony TV , Mere Hanikarak Biwi on &TV and Rakshabhandan serial on Dangal TV currently in Famous serial of Sony Sab TV Pushpa Impossible.

In theatre World she has shined as well and has acted in number of theatre plays too. She participated in famous Urdu Stage Play “Jheel Bula Rahi Hai” First Theater festival held in Srinagar (24th July, 2005). The only play which got 4 awards from Doordarshan Srinagar. She was the only artist from Kashmir and selected for the “BEST ACTRESS AWARD” for the serial “Aach dair” from Jammu and Kahmir Academy of Art, Culture and language in year 2013.

In an exclusive interview with Heaven mail She talks to Rameez Makhdoomi .

Tell us about your experiences as a minority community girl in Kashmir ?

The Kashmir as a place had many unfortunate situations but overall the people of Kashmir are full of love, and during my life I was never discriminated as being from other faith . The producers ,artists and fellow actors gave me lot of support during my stint . I was lucky we had during my starting days got platform
in form of channel known as DD Kashir just launched those days and I shined there in its serials as well as in DD Urdu .
How about big developments related to you recently achieving laurels in TV serials?
big development in TV industry?

As you know since last 7 years I am based in Mumbai working for many mega satellite channels, I am presently featuring one of popular TV shows of India


my character name is “NILIMA” and I am one of the main characters in this show.

It is running show currently on famed SONY SAB TV. It is telecasted every Monday to Saturday.
How did you cope up with covid times ?
Yes pandemic Coronavirus was harsh time for everyone. Mumbai was in its acute grip. The entertainment industry suffered most , but I kept myself busy with helping those in need especially those who value ego and can’t ask for help. I also kept attention towards welfare of street animals. Covid times showed us who are real friends. My landlord hardly asked for rent during covid times showing humane values.
What roles you love most ?
The role I am playing of a women who has dual shaped nature. Looking much strong from outside and in reality weak in my role as lead in ” Pushpa Impossible ” is my favouture .
Plus in Sony TV Meri Sai last year when I played negative role was among my favorites. Many had thought my personality won’t support negative role but it went well. I love challenging roles .
What are your future goals?
My goal in life is to be successful human full of humanity and reach heights in acting world as top actress of the country .
Your message ?
My message is to people to always keep flame of your struggle alive. Don’t take unnecessary negative feedback and if the critical feedback is real then respect it to make yourself better. Love and respect your parents because they are only real friends .
How would you describe the importance of theatre as an institution?
theatre for artist and actresses?

Any artist wanting to make major mark in the acting world has to undertake the experience of theatre .Theatre is the real training ground for artists and I had a very successful experience in world of theatre with one of the plays in which I played prominent role bagging many awards.
Your role model?
The struggles and achievements of my life are my motivating points. My life is my role model.

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