Will We Get Relief From Power Woes?

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Will We Get Relief From Power Woes?

With winter tightening its nose in Kashmir, people in the valley make necessary arrangements, which includes warm clothes, heating arrangements, to dry vegetables as the valley witnesses harsh winters.

A major concern has been the availability of electricity in winters. This truly is a matter of worry for the people of the valley.

This year as as winter arrived, people in the valley got to see a new winter schedule, marking the power shutdown for both metered and non-metered areas.

The electricity department in the valley (PDD) has also started with surprise inspections to check power thefts. However, given the winters in the valley, life in the valley without electricity becomes paralyzed.

The question however is whether PDD this year can stop the electricity woes in the valley. The requirement of electricity goes up in the winters. Why have appropriate arrangements not been made so that the people in the valley don’t face electricity outage.

One can visualize the community heads accompanied by the other members of the community roaming all around the repair divisions of the electricity department. This is because transformers often get damaged due to the heavy requirements of the electricity.

However the electricity department says that non-judicious use of electricity results in damage in the transformers. It has to be seen whether this winter proves to be different. It remains to be seen whether the people of the valley are able to get steady supply of electricity, or at least less power breakdowns.



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